The moon shined fully over the ocean, over the city of Charleston, over me...inside the old wofl pack house, lying tied to my bed. Screaming again.

I sobbed as the pain struck through the very second the moon shined over the clouds. My insides burned, my lower area stung with the heat and my heart bounced in and out of my chest rapidly.

My eyes poured with watery tears, sweat dripping down my face and body. I laid there, in nothing but underwear and bra. And still I was dieing. I could feel it inside. Burning the deepest part of my soul and slowly rising.

I had locked the door once I came in the house, making sure Cleo and Marcus wouldn't see this.

Me dieing. I also made sure Marcus went out for a run before straping myself in here and letting myself relax and give into the heat. Well, i barely had time to relax before it came rushing into me.

I screamed and sobbed, begging for death to come quicker. I felt something liquid come out of my lower area and I glanced down.

It was blood. I just got off my period like a week ago, then again the heat was kind of like a second period. But the blood was so thick and it kept coming.

I felt something jab my insides hard and I screamed, with tears pouring down my face. I struggled against the chains but they were too tight. My wolf howled in pain and took more pain then me because she was closer to the heat.

 She screamed and sobbed as well, but then snarled.

you should've stayed with him! Then we wouldn' in ...this...much pain! she gasped after a few words, hard to get breath out.

I growled, then snapped outloud, "It was your idea too, you know. Don't blame it all on me. Besides, we would've have never meant Marcus....'I screamed before continuing, shaking from the heat, "without leaving him."

I screamed again, Bloody hell this felt like child birth!! Not that I would know but just a guess.

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