Chapter 1

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  • Dedicated to Hailey Zerbest

I took Jamie running away from the place that had never really been a home. You always see the ideal people of the world. Those who live perfectly normal life where everything good seemed to happen to them. It must be luck. Good luck tends to avoid me. You never come across a story of a 17 year old girl getting fed up with her abusive parents and pack, so she decides to leave. We had nothing there. All that I had was a vicious pack of werewolves, parents who hated me, and a sweet baby brother.

James, or Jamie as I call him, is my eight year old brother, whom I love than anything in the world. I also have an older brother, Cameron who I despised. He was sploiled, due to the fact that he is in line to become the next alpha. In a short 4 months, when he turns 20, he will become the leader of one of the most powerful packs in the world. Also one of the cruelest.

My father is the leader, or the Alpha, of this pack at the moment. The Moonfire Pack. This is the pack that you tell your children about to discourage them to go outside late. Every one of the horror stories; the gruesome killings, the rampages, the wipeouts of towns, were all true. They were ruthless. Our pack included half the drug lords and prostitutes in Los Angeles. Children were raised to take care of themselves, and to not care about anybody. It was very hard to find a genuinely decent person there.

These people would take away innocence without a second thought, and I have seen horrors almost unimaginable. I didn't want this to happen to my brother. I was sick of the way that everything ran, so I left. I had saved up some money, enough to move my brother and I across the country, and start a new life of our own.

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