Chapter 1 - The beginning

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"Come on, Demetrius! You can do better than that!" I chuckled as I power-kicked the ball straight past him. 

"This isnt fair Bella!! Your the one who's been in football for 4 years, not me!" He whined as he ran to get the ball. And I dont wanna brag or anything...But it was FAR. 

"Oh Boo hoo. Maybe you should start cutting down on the sweets bro?" I smirked. 

"What are you talking bout?? Look at this toned six pack!!!" Demetrius retorted. 

"Mhhm, sure." I said rolling my eyes. I only did this to annoy him. I knew he was right. Demetrius was pretty fit. He had smooth brown hair with deep green eyes. He was around 5'8, so average height for a guy like him. And I swear there was not an ounce of fat on that boy! We are best friends and have been since we met in grade 4. I have always been the type for sports, and I also am very opinionated. So, of course, I tryed out for the boys basketball team. Since we didnt have a girls team, what could I have done? So, I did it. All of the guys there made fun of me, except for demetrius. He thought it was cool that I did what I did.

Thats how we became best friends. We've been practicaly inseperable ever since we met. Plus, I live with him. So, he's like my brother. See, my parents died when I went into grade 6. I dropped out of school for a year, so I am still in grade 11. Demetrius' & my parents became just as close as us, so they had no problem taking me in. 

As I snapped back to reality, I realized that I had two strong, yet gentle arms around me. I was also crying. I guess thinking about my parents made me tearup. 

"Thanks Demetrius" I said as I layed my head on his shoulder & hugged him back. 

"I've always got your back, ya know." He replied softly. 

"I know, Now let's get back to the game!" I replied with a somewhat fake smile. Sports were also my way to escape from the pain. I was so close to my mother, no one could ever understand. And me and my dad, we always played sports together, thats how I got interested. 

My emotions sometimes get in the way of my playing, so when demetrius kicked the ball lightly to me, he completely backed away because he knew what was going to happen. I SUPER kicked the ball all the way across the park field which was almost as big as a football field. What happened next Completely changed my life forever...

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