Mayans predicted the end of the world to be on the 21st of December 2012. I guess those people were truly smart. But one thing they didn’t account for was the time difference in every country. Here in London, we spent that day as any normal day. I was twelve at the time and I was staying at my friend’s house. We laughed for ages at night time when nothing happened and life was the same. When we had the 22nd of December, some people were waking up to the 21st of December which made the next morning however, something no one will forget.

We were woken up by shouting from outside. Screams of terrified people who running away from some sort of ships in the air. Bombs were going off and it looked like an action movie, I briefly expected a superhero to run in and save us; I now know that no one could help us. My friend, Julie, started packing some stuff into a bag. Her mum ran in and ushered us out. All this time I didn’t say a word, too scared thinking about what was going on. We ran; ran as far as we could, away from everything. We got about twenty miles away before we encountered one. He stopped in front of us and held up a gun in front of Julie’s mum’s face.

He had red skin and was bald. Black tattoo’s covered his skin which looked like smoke. They all wore similar thing, black trousers with a black top and black sleeveless jacket over. He snarled and showed his teeth which looked remarkably like canine’s teeth. He shot Julie’s mum making my best friend scream. I held her and slowly started to walk away from this creature. He smiled at us and growled causing the other monster's attention to be shifted to us.

The one thing that would always haunt me was their eyes; they were so dark and lifeless I could see my own reflection. In that moment all I wanted was my mum and her reassurance.

“We’ll take these two as well.” He stated. More of these creatures came after us and before I knew it, we were tied up and thrown onto one of the ships. I looked around and saw many more kids around our age on here, from all around the country. Julie was crying again and I moved closer to her.

They went around one at a time, asking us for our names and information about us but when they got to me I couldn't speak. I was too scared so I just stared them in the eye and waited. Every second that passed they got more and more aggravated until Julie spoke up.

“Her name’s Stephanie, she’s twelve years old. She enjoys hockey and photography. Her parents lived two blocks away and she doesn’t speak. Not since her last birthday.” This last part was a lie but I silently thanked her for saying this, it gives me an excuse not to say anything. These creatures were inhuman and I wanted nothing to do with them.

The audacities. That’s what they claimed they were. A species courageous enough to try and save their planet. Turns out, all they want is a species so defenceless and stupid to take so they can repopulate their planet. They took young ones to settle them in and see if they were good enough for what they wanted; when they turned eighteen they turned into breeding machines.

The people they didn’t kill on Earth, they took back and made them slaves; which turned out to be a lot of people. Eventually they learned that not everyone was capable of succumbing to their needs so they decided to kill people off in groups.

Nuns and priests were first; the non-accepters they called them. The audacities believed that they were useless as they believed God would save them from this fate and would refuse to do most work. They next people were the ill or the old, they were unfit to do much and it was probably a blessing in disguise for most of them. Afterwards went any trouble makers or people they just didn’t particularly like. I could never find my parents in the book of slaves, which held the name of every slave they took, so I like to think that they died before they were tortured up here. It’s sick in a way but it’s better than what we experienced. 

The kids who were taken were treated fairly well. We weren’t made to do chores and we could have free will to go anywhere but we did have rules. If an audacity wanted us to do something, we had to oblige. If we started any fights, we finish it by killing them. I’m proud to say I never got into a fight but I am ashamed to say I have killed someone.

I was fourteen and a girl suddenly decided to fight Julie. We were still close and never left each other out of fear so I had no idea why she attacked her. I could tell by looking that Julie was going to lose so I grabbed the girl and twisted her head, cracking her head and killing her. Julie was shaken up for a couple of days but she was fine after. Me, however, I had night terrors for two years.

It was in these times when I woke up screaming that I met Alex. He was one of the people taken like me and he seemed like a nice person. He was a couple of months younger than me and he never started a fight like me. They took both genders from Earth because in their species, anyone could get pregnant, regardless of their sex. He use to sleep in the bed next to me and one night he sat down beside me and just told me a story. It was snow white and I remember feeling touched he would talk to me and try to calm me down. Every night he would talk to me, without me replying, until I fell asleep. When I woke up again he would tell me another until we both drifted off until sleep. It was a routine we done and a start of a strong friendship. Shortly after my night terrors left, we were put into rooms in the hopes of making us open up a bit more. They put Alex and I together and I smiled when I found out.  

However bad this may sound, it’s nothing to what started the day before my eighteenth birthday.


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