Chapter seven.

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Jake's P.O.V.

She forgave me and agreed to dinner. That was easier than I thought it would be. I figure I could take her to dinner at Olive Garden, considering the fact that she went there last night with that idiot. Greg, I think his name was. Eh, who cares. He'll be out of the picture soon enough. I decide to text her the details so she can get ready. 

To: Anna (The plan).

'hello babygirl, be ready at 7? we are going to olive garden. sound good?'

 I hate referring to her as "the plan" but that's what she is. Boss said to keep it professional and not get attached. But I can't help but thinking about her all day. Maybe I just am excited 'bout the plan? Yeah, that has it to be it. I can't have feelings for this girl. She's boring, and not even that attractive. Okay, maybe she isn't boring, and she's pretty, but I can't think that. I'm not allowed. I'm brought out of my thoughts by my phone vibrating. 1 new text message.

From: Anna (The plan).

''I was just there last night! That's crazy! But yeah, that sounds good. Pick me up, yeah?' 

She's clueless. Perfect.

To': Anna (The plan)

'really? that is crazy. ill be there. can't wait. xox'  

She will like me by the end of the night. If I want this plan to work, she has to be head over heals in three days. How the hell am I supposed to do that?!  I guess I need to figure that out. Quickly. 

Tonight I will tell her I like her, a lot. She might confess some feelings for me, and if she does, I kiss her at the end of the night and ask her to stay with me. Sounds good to me, I guess. My phone vibrates again. and then again. 2 new text messages. Hm.

From: Anna (The plan).

'Jake, I'm serious about you not trying anything thing with me, I'm not ready for it. I hope I can trust you.' 

I open the other text.

From: Silva.

'You and your punk ass self better pull this off. If you don't.... Well lets just say you should do as your told.' 

Crap. Silva is my boss. The guy running the plan.

To: Silva.

'i got it Silva. she's clueless, and vulnerable'

My phone vibrates again.

From:. Silva.


After reading his text I go back to Anna's.

To: Anna (The plan).

'of course you can trust me. and you're explaining why you aren't ready tonight, okay? i won't try anything. i swear.' 

Why isn't see ready? Did somehing happen to her? Jake, snap out of it. You don't care. You can't care. Oh but I do care. I don't know why, but I do. I wonder if that Greg fella hurt her? I'll bust his lip if I find out he did.

Anna's P.O.V 

Jake texted me the details. I have to be ready by seven. I glance at the clock; 1:36. Dang, I slept late. I wonder if Grady is here? I decide to go check in his room. I knock on the door; no answer. I twist the knob; its unlocked. I walk into to sleep him sleeping on the bed. I walk over to the side of the bed he's sleeping on, and sit down. I shake his shoulder. He groans. 

"Grady." I whisper in his ear. He rolls over and shoves his face into his pillow. He's so not a morning person... I have an idea!

"GRADY!!!" I yell in his ear. 

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