I get it now

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So... Now i understand how dragons have sex. How do i know this? Well, let me tell you about my day. I was out hunting for the normal boring stuff, like deer and more deer, when suddenly i hear shouts coming from my village. I thought to myself, 'fuck!'

When i arrive at the village i see the whole place has been burned to the ground. And who did this you ask? The same hoe that i hit on a few days ago. I geuss she really didn't like my magic staff joke. But she didn't do it all by herself. She had the help of two dragons.

I saw her say something to the dragons, then they started barking, I didn't fucking get it. I thought dragons roared. So one dragon stands up on it's hind legs and makes a wierd face. Then i see the human use some amulet and... Poof! The dragon has a penis and goes at it with the other. So that's it. That's why she came here. To get a dragon penis amulet. Figures the old perv would have something like that.

Well, thats how i spent the rest of my day. Hiding in a bush and watching dragon sex. Fun stuff... Oh ya, and all my family is dead and i have nowhere to go. Hoorah.


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