I'll Always Come Back To You

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                                                                Will's POV

  Have you ever heard the expression nobody's perfect? Well anyone who says that is wrong. My Callie is perfect. As I lain awake that night next to Callie with my arms wrapped around her protecting her, I thought about this. She was perfect. She had dark coco hair that fell at her shoulder blades, green eyes that cast you under a spell and instantly had you under her control, and perfect, soft, pink lips that always fell into a perfect yet gentle smile. She was 5'4" with a lean body.

  Her personality was always sweet and putting the ones she loved before herself. Then there was her room. It perfectly described her. There were paintings and sketches all over the walls. My favorite one was the one of her and I. She had drawn and painted every single one because she wanted to be an artist and paint murals when she grew up. Everything was perfect. She was mine and I was hers. I never thought it could slip threw my fingers...just like that.

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