Chapter One ♥

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Part 1♥-

Me and Liam have been best friends for years. Liam is one year older than me. My mum and Liam's mum have known each other since primary school so that is how me and Liam know each other. We have been through good and bad times together and we will carry on doing that. 

Liam was there when I moved into a college for music. I had my own room it was quite big but had plain blue walls and a very hard double bed. Liam said that I wasn't allowed to change the room. I've been in the college for two years now. The head of the college said I could stay for 4-5 years in total if I want better grades or I could stay for three years. I chose to stay for five years. Liam still visits me and when I get breaks I visit him and my family and other friends. Liam used to sleep at the college every weekend and the odd weekday. 

I had a text off Liam asking me to meet him at the park. He never asks me to meet him anywhere because it's too dangerous, this can't be good.

I met him at the park and saw him sitting alone on a bench. I walked up to him and sat down next to him.

"Courtney i'm moving to London, i'm in a band remember? it's really hard to say goodbye to everyone especially you. I want to give you something" Liam blurted out.

He pulled out a long box and handed it to me. I opened it and saw a beautiful necklace. It had two parts, they were both hearts. On one side it said Best then underneath it said Liam. On the other half it said Friends and underneath it said Courtney. I smiled then  I felt a tear slide down my face. I could see Liam tearing up which upset me even more.

"Court don't cry please" Liam mumbled. 

I wiped my eyes and took a deep breath.

"I thought it would be easier to get to the studio, I will still come to visit you when I can. Please say something" he said.

"Good luck with the future, you and the boys deserve this, you best visit me and I will visit you too" I said.

I hugged him then got up.

"Where are you going?" Liam asked.

"I got a music lesson with Mr.S" I said.

"Oh... Well I'm leaving now for London, I'll miss you Court. I love you. Bye" He said.

I held in my tears then said, "I'll miss you too & I love you too.... Bye" I said.

I watched him get on the tour bus and drove off. I picked up the box then put the necklace on. I realised the other half was missing. I text Liam to see it he had it. He didn't reply so I decided to text Louis.

*Louis' P.O.V*

Liam got on the tour bus and looked really upset. I walked over to him and hugged him. He just stood there then walked off to his bed thing. He laid there and never said anything. He must actually love her. I was about to go over to him when my phone lit up. It said one new message from Courtney♥♥.

From Courtney♥♥: Hey boo, can you try and get hold of Liam he ain't answering my text. It's about something really important. Should I be worried?xxx 

I text her back.  

To Courtney♥♥: Hey Babes! Liam is in a bad state at the moe he's upset because he's leaving you. What do you want me to ask him?xxxx

A few minutes later she replied.

From Courtney♥♥: Tell him don't cry it will make me cry & could you also ask if he took the other part of the necklace please?xxxxx

I walked to Liam and asked him if he had the necklace and told him not to cry because Courtney will cry. It made him stop crying for a bit but he started getting upset again. I text Courtney back saying he had the necklace then she replied saying 'Okaay Thank you Boo! :) xxxxxx'.

*Courtney's P.O.V*

I put the box in my bag then walked back to the college. What a sad eventful day! 


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