Regular Day? Not So Much

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Jane yawned and stretched, blinking back sleep. It had been a week since she had moved in with Arthur; so far, everything seemed to be going fine. London swung her feet over the side of her bed and hopped off, shlubbing her way to the kitchen. She noticed a small note at her seat as she sat down to dig into a delicious bowl of cereal.

Dear Jane.

Got dragged off by America. Call me as soon as you read this and make up some sort of fake emergency and get me away from this bloody git!

Enjoy your day off,


Jane chuckled and pulled out her cell phone, speed dialing Arthur. London could hear him on the other line.

Arthur’s voice carried a sense of faked urgency. Or was it real, he did have a bit of a rocky relationship with America after all. "Oh sorry Alfred, friend's cat just died. I have to go." Jane heard a car door close and a "Thanks Jane" before a click that signaled Arthur had hung up.


Later in the day, London found herself babysitting a drunk England. Jane sighed and traced the rim of her martini glass as she watched Arthur dance around drunkenly.

England pranced over to Jane and pressed his face against hers. "What say we head upstairs, love?" Arthur then proceeded to throw Jane over his shoulder. Not that she complained. 


Arthur smirked as he pushed Jane onto the bed. "Bet you can't stay on top."

Jane narrowed her eyes. "Are you saying I'm too weak?!" Arthur smiled as Jane flipped him over.


Panting, Jane smirked and poked Arthur's cheek. "Told you I could stay on top."

Arthur smiled tiredly and placed a kiss on Jane's jaw. "I don't care."

Jane blinked a few times, fists clenching. "YOU TRICKED ME YOU BLOODY WANKER!!!!"

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