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Hi there, if you happened the stalk this interveiwer, well your in for a treat. 

You may PM me, or comment in the section below. It is greatly appriciated if you fan, vote, and comment! Just fill out this form and you'll be ready to go! (I do anything, BoyXBoy, GirlXGirl, Fan fictions, all that good stuff!) 

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What inspired you to write this story?:  

What are your favorite genres: 

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( EXAMPLE) << Because I'm so compltetly bored :P

( Most Popular) Title: I Love, Like, Shoes

Short Summary:  I was like, talking to my like, BFFL on my phone, while I was tweeting One Direction, and like, I bumped into Edward Cullen! I was like OMFG it's a vampire! Where's Jacob? And so like I flirted with Edward and we like, walked into this amazing store and like, guess what?! I freaking saw Harry Potter and he like, gave me his wand! I was like, NO FRIGGIN WAY! And I lived happily ever after. 


What inspired you to write this story?:   I saw all the movies and listened to all the music and the books.

What are your favorite genres: Fan Fiction, Rated R ('Cuz I'm like, so frigging horney right now), Romance, Werwolf, Vampire, all that shizzles. 

Who's Your Favorite Author: Stephanie Meyer! Duh! You're such a frigging blonde.

What's Your Favorite Book: Harry Potter

What Genres Do You Like Writing: Romance, Vampire, all the cliche stuff. 

What Other Books Are You Writing: UMMM. Girls Rule, Boys Drool. Reasons Why Taylor Lautner Should Be The President. I Love Sparkly Vampires And Harry Styles.

What Do You Have To Say To Your Fans: YOLO bishes! Kisses! 

* If you are offended, don't be. I'm simply trying to be humoress and I mean no harm. I do like Twilight and Harry Potter and SOME 1D. SO please, no hate.  I also have nothing against blondes, cliched stuff, or vampire/werewolf stories.

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