Chapter Seven : Applying for S.M entertainment .

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Tomorrow i'm going to apply for S.M ent , i wish with all my heart that they will accept me ,  i was nervous as hell, i called Hyo-Jin telling her to come with me , so we can apply together , she agreed, i was less nervous , as long as am not going alone ! 

it was 1 AM , so i went to sleep , the next day i woke up at 7:30 , and rushed to the university , thanks god i was in the dancing class at the right time , Teacher yoo-ji  will punish me by not attending the class if i was late ! 

after the class , Hyo-jin and I talked about what will happeen to us if S.M accepted us , we will be so lucky and perhaps Famous , and we will be closer to Suju members :D , we were so excited but at the same time we were nervous , i asked Hyo-jin who she liked best in Super Junior , she told me she liked Eunhyuk , she said that she was obsessed with him , she asked me who i liked best , and i told her Ryeowook , we both started to compliment Ryeowook and Eunhyuk , if we were accepted then perhaps we will be closer to them ! 

i returned home , thinking about the great future that i will have if S.M accepted me , i wasn't a good dancer but also a good singer too , people told me that i had a good singing ability , i was thinking about the song i will dance on for tonight's audition , at last i decided to dance on one of SNSD's songs , i chose "OH!" , i knew how to dance it well , so i had a bigger chance to be accepted , i told Hyo-jin to meet me at 7 near the building i lived in , i was ready by 6:50 ,  Hyo-jin didn't show up at 7 o'clock , she was late for 15 minutes , and i was somehow mad , but she appologized and told me that she was late because of the traffic , i told her to forget it , so we headed to S.M building , going there was just like a dream, i have never thought of going there , then we entered the building , and went to the audition room , the judge was called " park song-jin".

Park song-jin : " annyeong-hasseyeo , i am park song-jin , the judge ."

Me and Hyo-jin said at the same moment : Annyeong-hasseyeo ."

Me : " i am Jane "

Hyo-jin : and am Kim hyo-jin.

Park song-jin : who is going to start ?

Hyo-jin looked at me telling me to start first , she was so nervous that she was going to shit in her pants , so i auditioned first , as i told you before i danced on "OH!" and sang it as well , i was so into the song , then the music faded out .

Park song-jin : " you did a great job"

Hyo-jin performed for BoA "only one" , she was so great !

park song-jin : "that was amazing , i will tell you the results after two days , now you may leave"

me and Hyo-jin thanked him and left the building.

Hyo-jin :" yah , what if we are not going to be accepted ? i will be so devastated if they will reject me " . Hyo jin was almost crying .

i told her :"yah, it is ok , don't be so pessimistic about it , just hope for the best , and think about the positive sides "

Hyo-jin : " arasseo "

Me : " let's go drink some coffee "


we went to a coffee shop In Myeongdeong , the coffee was great , we talked a bit about our personal lives , i told her about Jessica and Sylvie , and she told me about her Best friend Kang soo-mi , Hyo-jin didn't see Soo-mi for about 1 year , she told me how much she misses her , i told her to keep in touch with her all the time so she will not feel empty without her. then we finished our coffees and went home . 

As soon as i returned i called Sylvie and Jessica i told them all about the University and Hyo-jin  an meeting with Super Junior and the audition , they were so shocked and amused about the news , i have never been that lucky in my life , but this time luck was everywhere .

The next morning i went to the park , there was no College as it was Saturday , so i decided to take a walk at the park i stayed there for a long time , and it started to rain , i didn't have an umbrella , and i was completely wet after 5 minutes , until i saw a car , i saw a familiar figure , it was Eunhyuk with Yesung , they told me to get to the car , i did what they told me , and soon i was in the car . 

Eunhyuk : " Are you fine ?" 

Me: " yes ."

Yesung : " don't forget to get an umbrella whenever you go out , it can rain in any time ."

Me : " i will remember that ."

there was silence after that we didn't say anything until i reached my house .

Me : " thank you so much ."

Yesung : " any time , by the way we heard that you applied for S.M town ."

Me : "well yes , that's right "

Eunhyuk : " that's great , soon we will be really good friends "

i smiled at Eunhyuk , then Yesung said : " now go inside before you get a cold , good bye "

i nodded and shouted a good bye and went inside ,  when i got home , i called hyo-jin and told her that i met Eunhyuk and Yesung , she was so shocked , i told her the whole story , she told me she wished if she was in my place , but i comforted her and told her that maybe she will meet him , she just needs to be patient !

The day of the results came , and i headed with Hyo-jin to S.M , we were very anxious , but we were Accepted in the team , they told us that we will be in a couple team , me and Hyo-jin in one team , they told us that we will be close to Super Junior members ! we were so happy that we felt we were walking on the clouds , Song-jin told us to choose a name , so finally we came up with the name : Jane-Jin , my name with the JIN from Hyo-jin ! we will start our career after one week , we couldn't believe it , soon we will be famous !

i told Jessica and Sylvie the great news , they were so happy for me , i told them that soon i will be famous , and my life will change alot , Jessica was scared that i will change in a bad way , but i told her , that this was way far to be me .


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