Chapter 2 (:

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Jacob (P.O.V)

I was looking forward to goin to get ice cream with Alix. But she has get her friend. But its okay its going to be me and her next weekend. I've always like Alix. She's a cool, funny smart, and beautiful . She always been there for me. And gives me good advice. And we tell each other everything. Maybe one day ill tell her how i really feel about her. But right now I don't know how she feel about me. Im a horrible mind reader. I mean it seems like she do. But I have a girlfriend and i love her.

Alix (POV)

All way to get Mariah all i could think of is Jacob. Wait he said next weekend is that suppose to be a date? Nawl it couldnt be he has a girlfriend. They been having problems lately. Cause she a hoe!! So I don't know what's goin on. He really haven't been talkin about his relationship with her lately?

I was snapped out of my thoughs when i pulled up to see Mariah on Chris porch cryin. And she got in the car.

Me: What's wrong

Mariah: He hit me again

Me: Mariah i don't know why u keep goin back to him. He do the same thing over and over to you. He's not worth it. And you to pretty to be stuck up on one guy. Its more guys in the world you know.

Mariah: I know. I love him and he loves me.

Me: He don't love you if he putting his hands on you. And you keep on running back.

Mariah: I know but this time we are over for good. I promise.

*I guess i should tell you about my friend Mariah. She mixed just like me. But she mixed with only white and black. She has pretty long hair and hazel eyes. I would love to have her eyes they are so cute. But anyway We've been friends since 1st grade. Long time i know. She a cool, kind hearted, friend. She grew up in a house where her mom was beating by her boyfriends. So i guess she thinks its okay for guys to hit girls. But its not. She being dating this boys Chris since our freshmen year of high school. And he was is 11th grade. And she still with him. She ain't always been gettin hit by him. It just started happening when he say boys trying to get at her. And i guess he started gettin jealous and started hitting her. But that still not a reason to hit anyone. I mean she can't help that she's beautiful.*


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