Death's Game

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Hey guys and gals! This is a new story that popped in my head! 

Oh and my new story is dedicated to MoonBoulevard for helping me! She helped me decide on my title, how the main character dies, and ALSO- Actually I forgot the last one.. Dang it.. Anyways! She's amazingly wonderful so check her out please!!!!!!! I would be most grateful!


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"Alyssa! Get your butt down here now!" I heard my older brother yell from down stairs. I scoffed and threw my phone on the bed before opening my bedroom door and yelling back.

"Why should I?!" I asked.

I heard an aggravated sigh before loud and fast pounding against the steps. Just a few seconds later stood my brother huffing with anger as he stared me down.

It had to effect on me though.

He always had that expression when I was around.

"Alyssa. When I tell you to get your butt down stairs now, that normally means- RIGHT THEN!" He yelled as he grabbed my shoulders and shook me. "Why are you always being a pain in the ass?!"

"Because I don't know how to do anything else." I shrugged and just to aggravate him even more- I yawned.

His eyes hardened as his grip tightened on my shoulders.

"Alyssa." He said in a threatening tone. I smiled innocently at him.

"Yes brother dear?" I batted my eyelashes at him. He sucked in his bottom lip, a thing he does to try to calm himself down, as he stared at me.

"Just- Stop with the attitude. Even if it's just for tonight. I want Miranda to like her masquerade birthday party, okay?" He said in a gentle voice.

I scoffed softly.

"Why do you try to please her so much? She's just one girl in this stupid world. If it takes this much to please her, then you should just forget about her. She's definitely not worth it." I shook my head. "Oh Jaxon! You shouldn't have bought me such expensive ear rings! They're lovely! But I would have preferred gold." I mimicked Miranda's voice.

"She didn't even say that last part! She's not like that at all!" Jaxon defended her.

"Well she probably thought it!" I added as if it was the obvious answer. Actually I really just don't like Miranda. She's always kind to everyone, she would give you the shirt off her back if you asked her for it. I hate people like that.

"Alyssa, if you're not nice to Miranda tonight, I swear that this will be the last time I put up with your bull! I will send you to the farthest boot camp from here possible and when your time is up, you will have to walk back!" Jaxon hissed before storming off down the stairs. "Be ready!" He yelled.

I rolled my eyes and walked back into my bedroom.

"Miranda this, Miranda that." I spat out as I shut my door. "The whole freaking world revolves around Miranda." I sat on the bed with my arms crossed over my chest. I laid my head back against the headboard as I stared at the ceiling.

"She's not that special. She's not even that pretty." I told myself- Even though I knew I was lying. Miranda was actually very beautiful- Though I would never admit it. Everyone likes her, because she's beautiful inside and out.

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