Watching You Go

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Your memory is like a dream

Faded by the years

And yet your memory is powerful enough

To still bring me to tears

You were the only one who cared about me

The only one in my whole family

I remember you saying

I could tell you anything

But soon enough you were in the home

The disease taking over your brain

I had been through tons

And I knew pain

But that was worse than anything

Two years you kept breathing

Living but not alive

Those were two of my hardest years

Having to watch you die

Your life slipped away before my eyes

And the rest of my sanity left

Before I could realize

The grief I felt when you died

Was more than I could handle

You were the only one that kept me alive

Wanting to live

At least until you were gone

Because you had been there for me

And I couldn’t leave you there

To die all alone

Grandma you meant the world to me

And you still do

I just wish I could be reunited with you

Someday soon…

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