The War

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I am unheard,



At my own town,I feel pain.

'm exhausted of everyday rains,

That just soak my skin.

I haven't slept at nights,

Dont blame me,

M not unsound of mind,

M just not the kind,That fits in this unpeaceful life.

I have heard them coming,

Overwhelmed I was by the news,

Suddenly I shuddered,

Saw the worst site;And I stand back and point at you.

I didnt know the bloodshed was this much,

I thought we lost nolives,

The war of my own life.

I spent least years of my life iwth you,

Where  are you now?

Still training on the sport?/

With arms and bullents,

Strong and tall man;

I lost him in the war,

Where he never eserved to lie.

I wonder the pain in the heart of the little one,

Who waited for her father to come by,

Come by time,

When they would have tied;

Hands of friendship  and not wills of lies,

Whats the outcome?

What is that I deserved to lose my gem,

I lost my faher who took a bullet in his chest.

I remeber when he promised me,

The lie he told me,

That he would stay as long as I loved him,

Well I didnt stop giving love,

So hwere are you now?

Still on the way back to the hometown?

I am waiting patietly on the ground,

Where there are ashes all around,

The fire was high and that I feel dejected,

Of this night  all of my life.

But I hpe you ave gone somewhere

Where there is peace,

And I dont make you small for regretting the promise you made,

Coz  its good to me to hear,

Your in a heavenly place,

Where you deserve all the happiness you didnt get,

Where I dont have to worry every night,

And hpe to see you again.

I hear mamma telling me,

He would call,

Call to tell you where he is,

To tell you to stay strong because he does fpr this NATION,

She tries to make me feel safe,

When she too doesnt know what to say.

I still find it easy ,

Not to lose lives and just stay with each other,

For reast of our lives.

Indepence Day dedication :D


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