Chapter 7

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<POV of Sam>

We all sat on the floor waiting for one of us to die. Its been three minutes since we all drank the water. I started to worry about Kate. She was shaking more than ever and sweating pellets. I took my arm away from her so she won't be so hot as it was extremely hot in here.

"When are we gonna know who drank the water with the poison in it?" Loe asked. "We'll know when one of us dies, dumb ass." John said as he stood up. I got up and walked over to him. "Are you okay,John?" I asked and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Yea just wish I wasn't here but I do deserve this." He said as he grabbed my hand.

"No one deserves this." I said.

"I do," He said while turning to face me. "If I didn't get so mad and controled myself, I wouldn't be here."

"John, what did you do?"

"I... I killed someone. He just did everything that would make me so pissed so I killed him out of anger. I couldn't control what I was doing..."

I cut him off. "John, do not say you deserve to be here because you don't. You did what you did because you weren't geting the help you need."

"Your... your not scared of me?"

I looked at him in shock. "Of course I'm not. There's no reason to be scared."

He smiled and then we heard a choking noise. I turned around and saw Loe laying on the ground, blood coming out of his mouth. I grabbed on to John's hand tighter and he put his arm around me. Loe tryed standing but he couldn't do it. Finally, he fell down again and stopped breathing. He was dead.

<POV of knower of all>

I was nervous there for a second. I thought I drank the wrong glass but I didn't. Thank god. Loe was the one. They all though it was him. That he was going to screw them all over. Haha, well it wasn't him so who is it?

<POV of the man/voice>

Well its all going to plan. People are dieing in the order I want them to. I can't wait for the next to die. The only thing that I didn't see happening we the relationship of Sam and John. They are geting close. To close. I have to find away to make her not trust him.

<POV of Sam>

I sat away from Loe's body as John and Will moved his body to a corner. Kate was shaking like always. I started to think she was acting scared to get guys. She's pathetic if that's what's she is doing. I looked at May and saw see wasn't looking at anything. She had her eyes closed. I pity her. She's so scared. More scared than I.

"What now?" John asked the air. "What the hell are we gonna do!? Who is going to die next!?" He asked all of us. "Are we gonna keep playing this god awful game!?"

"If we don't, we all die." I said quietly.

John looked at me and looked down. "Your right." He ran his fingers threw his hair. I started to shake a little because it was geting colder. Rick took his jacket off and gave it to Kate. 'Well I see the slut got her attention that she wanted' I thought. John walked over to me and wrapped his arm around me and pulled me to him. "I would have gave you my jacket but you know... its covering him." I looked up at John and rested my head on his shoulder.

Kate glared at me. "I think Kate likes you" I told John.

"And why do you think that?" He asked.

"Cause look at her," I pointed shortly. "She's giving me the death stare." He laughed and tightened his arm around me.

"She got Rick." He said then kissed my head.


We were sitting there for a half hour before we heard the man or actually his voice.

"Hello everyone, So the next thing has no death so don't worry about that. All you guys have to do is tell your story's. The reason you think your are here. But next room you will have to deaths. Tell your storys truthfully or I will tell them."

I looked around and everyone looked nervous. I was probably more nervous than anyone.

<POV of KOA>

What the hell his hie doing!? This wasn't apart of the plan. What am I supposed to say. I'll think of something. He probably has a good reason why he is doing this.

<POV of the man/voice>

This is the perfect way to get those two to not trust each other. I hope he can think of a really good lie. What am I kidding l, of course he can. He's my son. The son of the man of lies. The son of Satin.


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