Look, I don't know what happened, but something did happen.

My name is Charlotte Seederhampton, but I prefer Charlie. I'm fifteen years old and not the girliest of girls. I live in Oxford in England with my mum. My dad died when I was ten. It wasn't a surprise, though. I mean, he was a drunk. I admit that I don't actually miss him that much. This story began a year ago. The day I met him. It started out as a normal day, I was getting ready for school.

I get up and put on my favourite skinnyjeans and a green hoodie. Then I do my hair. I refuse to straighten it, even though my mum says my curls looks messy. I like my curly hair, so why straighten it? I put on my grey knitted hat and slip my feet into my black sneakers. Then I grab my backpack and I'm out of the door. I lock the door and start to walk towards my school. Now you probably wonder "Doesn't she have any friends?" and, truth spoken, you're right. I don't have any friends to walk to school with. I prefer to be left alone. When I reach the school I see a strange car. I haven't seen the car before. In the gate that leads in to the schoolyard, stands a boy. The perfect boy. Whoa! Hang on, Charlie! You don't fall in love! It's true, I've never had a boyfriend and relationships scares me. I have a lot of male friends, but I don't look at them that way. Alot of the girls in my class fancy one or more of my guy friends, but I don't see why. Okay, I understand why they like Chris. With his height, black hair, blue eyes and mischievous smile he's perfect. Too perfect. That's why I don't see him as anything but a friend. But this boy is different. He has blonde hair which slightly curves to the left, dazzling blue eyes and a perfect smile. Whoa! Slow down, Charlie! This is not like you! I push the new guy out of my mind and start to walk towards the door. In that moment, the bell rings.

Okay, this scares me. I can't stop thinking about that boy, and in this moment I'm having gymclass. "Miss Seederhampton! Will you please pay attention to class?" my teacher, mr. Roberts, says for the tenth time. I hear someone giggle. Probably Anna and her gang. "I'm sorry, Mr. Roberts." I say for the tenth time. "What did you say?" My teacher sighs. "I told you to choose teams for football, but you're clearly not in the mood today. Miss Wolve? Would you like to choose the teams?" Great. He asked Anna to choose the teams. She always takes the best ones on her team and let the loosers (That's me) be one team. "Of course, Mr. Roberts." Anna says with her pathetic, squeeky voice. In that moment, the door slams open and in walks the headmistress, Mrs. Pugh. Everyone bows a little, which we always do when Mrs. Pugh walks in. "Class! May I introduce the new boy who is going to start here. His name is William Kayne." The headmistress says. My heart skips a beat. It's him. He walks in with his backpack over one shoulder and a shy look on his face. Aw, what a cutie! [Stop it, Charlie!]  "Hello." he says shyly. "Hello, William." we all answer. He smiles. "Well, I hope you will all welcome him." Mrs. Pugh says. Anna gives a slight whistle. Man, she's annoying! "We sure will, Mrs. Pugh." Mr. Roberts says. "Well, continue with what you were doing!" Mrs. Pugh says. We all bow one more time and the headmistress walks out. "Welcome, William! Do you have your gymclothes?" Mr. Roberts asks the new boy. The blonde shakes his head. "I'm sorry, but no." he answers. "Sir." he quickly ads. He is so cute! "Well, you can sit at the bench, we're almost finished. We're about to play football, you see." the teacher says. William nods and walks over to the bench. "Miss Wolve! You can choose the teams now!"

 When the footballmatch is finished, we walk to the changingrooms. William stays behind to talk with Mr. Roberts. In the girls changingrooms, of course everyone is talking about the new guy. "Did you SEE his eyes?!" Anna squeels. "They were so bright! I think I'm gonna die!" I roll my eyes and start to change. All the time when I'm changing I hear things like: "Oh my god, he was so cute!" and "His smile! Did you see it?!" from Anna and her gang. I grab my backpack and start to walk out of the door. "What do you think about the new guy, Charlotte?" Anna ask. I bite my teeth hard together. "For the millionth time, Anna, it's Charlie, not Charlotte." I say. Anna rolls her eyes. "Well then, Charlie, what do you think about the newbie?" I bite my lip, I can't let them know what I feel. "He seems okay." I say and shrug. With that, I leave them behind. 

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