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Love is when he dosen't belive U love him

And U still say U do

U try and try

Look for all the Little and big things

U could do to prove him that U do

But he acts cool

he dosen't care

He never seams to notice

that the reason behind everything U do

Is that U love him

And U are doing every possible thing

to prove him that

But no matter what U do

nothing can change the things

Until he starts to notice

it everyday kills U

Seeing him flirting with other girls

but he will never realise

What his silly actions and words do to U

Understand your worth girl

He's not wroth all the pain he put U through

U are your father's princes

U deserve nothing but d best

there is a guy that is w8ng 4 U

Out there but u have to

let go off this wrong guy

U deserve the best girl

U are worth More

If he wants to be with U

Then he ll make efforts to keep U

they say always one Love's More in a relation

U don't have to be that one all the time

Move on baby

U r worth more

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