Chapter 2; Love at first sight

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As the wolves came closer to us, Melody hid behind me. Luke sat next to me. A shiver crossed my spine. What if we got into a fight? What if they killed any of my pack? It would be over.. Forever. The wolves were fifteen feet away from us now, and I could see their faces. The one leading, most likely the Alpha, had reddish brown fur, and brown eyes. He was just like me, except my fur was lighter and it was a bit more brown. When he was only a few feet away from Luke, Melody, and me, he sat. The other ones of his pack sat behind him. It was such a neat formation, I could of swore they practiced doing this. "Who are you?" The wolf in the lead asked. His voice was so smooth, so dashing.. "We are the Northern pack. We have moved here from a place far from here. But we must survive here, because we go to a school here, and w offer peace." Luke answered. I was impressed. Maybe he sounded more Alpha-like then me. "Which school?" The wolf in the lead asked. "Steller high school." Luke answered again. "we go there as well... We might see you. If we do, I am Troy, In line to be Alpha. You may see me in Mrs. Parker's Math class, for sure. Anyways, we accept your offer of peace, and we shall see you soon." Then Troy and his pack members walked away into the woods on the other side of the street.

Melody and Luke got into their cars. I got into mine, and the rest of the pack got into theirs. My parents were the only ones who stayed home. I drove away in icy blue roofless Lamborgini. I looked onto my map and drove to the school. When I got there, lots of Teenagers were walking through the doors. I got my backpack from the trunk and locked my car doors. I walked to the steps and sat down. How will I know what Troy looks like? Or where he sits? He doesn't know what I look like, so it might be a lose-lose for both of us. But maybe I could ask someone. Ya. Asking someone isn't that hard. I did it all the time in Weller Highschool. So maybe it'll be a win-win after all. "Hi!" a voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts. I almost jumped. "Eh. Err... Hi." I said to the girl who said hi to me. She had freckles, reddish orange hair, and a big smile. I stood up, and she led me inside the school. "So.. What's your name? Mine's Bella." the girl asked. "My name is Niaz.." I quickly replied. "Nice name," Bella said. "Thanks." I said. "I have to go. Bye!" Bella wave goodbye to me as she walked away. I walked to my assigned locker and on it there was a note.

Dear Wolf Girl,

I suspect your the girl who met me this morning. The one with the two ther wolves with you, and the rest of the wolves hunting a rabbit family? If you are, meet me outside by the stairs before school starts.



I looked at the clock. It was ten minutes before school started. There was no time to waste. I quickly put my things in my locker, then went outside. Of course, there was a cute boy sitting by the stairs. I walked to him. "Hi, are you Troy?" I asked as kindly as possible. He looked up. "Yes, I am. And you are?" I hesitated. He didn't know my name, so the best way to reply was... " I'm the wolf girl." I said blushing a little. " From the Northern Pack." Troy got up.

"So you got my letter?" he asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"what's your real name?" he asked again.

I didn't answer.


"Niaz." I swallowed the lump in my throat.

He smiled. "I like your name."

"Thanks.." I smiled too. I was expecting him to laugh, but he probably knew

how it felt.

" See you in math." he said as we walked into the school. Then the bell rang. I went inside the school and got my books and equipment for English. I liked him. He was nice, cute, probably smart too. Ya, maybe it was love at first sight.


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