Between Hell and Earth / Sci-fi Smackdown Round 1

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Between Hell and Earth / Sci-fi Smackdown Round 1

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#3 Medieval Cyborg / #5 Mechanical Angels / #7 Pyramid/ #8 Gas Masked Man

Everything in the house began to rattle as the ground shook. Running for the front door, I stopped dead in my tracks as two men stood before me, blocking my escape.  I stood there gawking at them in their crisp men in black suits, with their black skinny ties flapping in the wind.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see their faces, as they were covered by gas masks with old school  charcoal respirator attachments. My only guess was they were incapable of breathing the fresh country air outside? I wondered if they had something to do with what happened in Mr. Johnson’s field, which only led me to wonder why they came here in the first place. Something told me it had to do with me, just by the simple fact they were at my door.

Before I could move, they had me flanked on either side of them, holding me up as they walked towards their destination.

“Hold still and come along peacefully child.” The suit on the right ordered. His voice sounding all raspy through the respirator.

I couldn’t help myself. “Luke, I am your father.”  I chuckled.

“What?” The fucker asked me.

Unable to control my laughter. “Star Wars? Darth Vader? Fuck you got to be kidding me. You are a bunch of freaks aren’t you? Shit, I even know that’s a classic.”

Tightening his grip on my forearm, they both continued to drag me forward. My heart couldn’t help but beat out of control. Before me was this ominous structure; their command center, I assume. Isn't that what they call these types of structure in the movies? Either way, there it stood a huge pyramid sprouting up out of the ground. It just appeared one day. None of us knew how it got here. It was like it grew right out of the earth in the middle of Mr. Johnson’s hay field. Everyone in town was freaking out about it. Especially, Mr. Johnson. No one could blame him, it destroyed over half of his income.

I’m not going to lie to you, the building itself is intimidating. Sure the exterior appeared as if it was made from a common stone and mortar mixture, but then again it looked as if it was alive. Vein like lights webbed themselves across its surface giving the illusion of a living breathing entity. The pyramids in Egypt had nothing on this one. It held something unknown to mankind. Something I was afraid I was about to find out. 

As we moved closer, my heart began to race. Not knowing what they wanted from me or what was waiting for me inside was making me lose my mind. It didn’t help seeing the guards standing on side of the two story tall doors. There they were ginormous. I assumed they are some type of cyborg thingy. They just stood there, looming over the entry way; intimating as fuck. Damn, they looked like they crawled right out of the dark ages; ready to kick ass and take names later.

As we passed under them, I watched both their heads turn and creek as they followed us inside. As I watched their red eyes glow, I knew at that moment I was passing through the gates of hell.

“Yeah, umh, dude, I’ve changed my mind. Why don’t you just let me go and I can find my own way home?" Starting to kick and struggle, I tried to loosen their masked grip on me. “Come on, really. Here we call this kidnapping.” I tried to remove their grips from my arms. When that didn’t work, I began to kick, twist, and wrench myself free.

Everything was for not. I was brought further into hell. Walking down a large corridor I couldn’t help but feel that the walls were breathing. With each step we took, I could swear I saw them expand and contract. It didn’t help to see more of those cyborg guards every twenty feet or so; each one watching me with those red glowing eyes.

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