Part 2

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You took a deep breath before walking out of the elevator doors that had just opened up on the floor Chris' office was on. The two of you had been texting each other all morning up until about an hour ago when he said he was about to have a meeting and he'd meet you in his office. You were a little nervous to be going to his office. One, you didn't know if it's what Sugarbaby's did and two, you weren't exactly as 'important' or 'fitted in' as much as the other woman you had passed (all of whom gave you a dirty look). You didn't wear designer clothes of any kind.

"Can I help you?" you looked up from your phone, hoping Chris had text you but he hadn't, and gave a nervous smile to the young brunette behind the desk opposite the elevator.

You stayed silent for a few moments trying to get your brain to work. What did you say? 'Oh, yes, I'm just looking for my super hot sugar daddy'. You were fucked.

"Hi-" good start. "Hmm, Chris- I mean, Mr Evans, asked me to stop by. Is he, here, at all?" you gave her a polite, yet nervous smile.

She looked you up and down, trying to hide her scowl as she did. "Unfortunately Mr Evans is in a meeting and will be for the rest of the day."

You nodded. "Yeah, he told me to wait in his office-"

"I'm afraid that's not possible." she smiled falsely at you.

Your eyes widened a little at her. "Oh, but he said-"

"He didn't say anything to me... No appointment, no meeting, they are the rules." she sighed. "Please leave."

You sighed yourself. What was her problem? Why was she being so rude to you? "Okay, thank you for being... helpful, I guess." you frowned slightly as you turned away.

You walked back towards the elevator, once again with your phone in your hand. You couldn't just leave, you had tell Chris. You stepped inside the elevator with your phone to you ear, Chris number dialling.

"Evans speaking."

"Hello, Mr Sugar daddy." you smirked to yourself.

"Miss Y/L/N, how can I help you?"

"Still in your meeting?"

"I am, yes."

You sighed a little. "I was hoping the bitch was lying." you muttered to yourself more than Chris.

"Can you repeat that, ma'am?"

"Oh, nothing, just... your receptionist made me leave." you frowned a little, leaning back on the wall of the elevator.

"She did." Chris answered. "On what grounds?"

"On the grounds that I don't have an appointment and that you didn't mention anyone being allowed to wait in your office."

He sighed heavily down the phone. "Where are you, Y/N?" he asked sounding less business man Chris.

"Elevator. Approaching the 28th floor, why?" you raised your eyebrow as you looked at the numbers lighting up in the other wall.

"Give me a second." he said before he hung up.

You rolled your eyes before closing them as the elevator came to a slow stop. "she really ask you to leave?"

You gasped standing up from your leaning position almost jumping out of your skin. Chris grinned as he stepped into the elevator, pressing the button for his floor. "Damn, you scared me." you let out a small chuckle as did Chris. "And yes, she did. 'No appointment, no meeting, they are the rules'."

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