Chapter 2

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I put the ages for the batboys and Peter in the first chapter, in case you read the first chapter already and didn't get the notification, but yeah I fixed it. . . .sorry about that.  Their's a lot of extra information in this story and you think I should put a thing at the beginning of the story with the important details then let me know, if you want to fin out along the way. . .then enjoy.

Third Person

Peter was chillin in the lounge of the Avengers tower relaxing on his nice Saturday off.

Tony and Bruce were working in labs, while Nat, Clint, and Steve were all working out. Thor was still asleep in his respective rooms.

"Peter their is a group of people asking to see Tony," Friday told him as he got up to go get Tony.

"Dad their's a group of people here to see you," Peter said as he put his head in the lab. Seeing Tony just wave him off he knew that he was going to have to be the one to take care of them.

When he opened the door he did not expect to see four boys, teenagers, and an elderly gentleman, but he still kept his manners and was polite.

"Yo. I told Dad that their was a group who came to see him," Peter explain as looked at the group.

"May we come in. We can wait," the elderly gentleman man asked politely.

Peter, always the awkward one, didn't know how to respond, but he agreed and lead them to the lounge telling them to make themselves at home. The boys immediately got on the couch and relaxed. The elderly man however just stood with a perfect posture.

"Oh pardon my manners. My name is Alfred Pennyworth. These four are Master Richard Grayson." "Dick." "Master Jason Todd, Timothy Drake." "Tim." "and Master Damian Wayne," Alfred introduced everyone while the person would interrupt to say what they would prefer to be called.

"I'm Peter. Parker. I'm Peter Parker," he said awkwardly, "I'll go get dad." He told Alfred as he ran off to do as he said he was going to do.

It took some convincing, but Peter got Tony to come out of his lab and talk to the strange group. When his dad saw who it was Peter saw his eyes light up as he walked towards Alfred.

"Alfred! How've ya been," Tony asked him as he gave the British man a hug. Alfred got out of the hug and positioned Tony in front of him. "Master Tony. Look how much you've grown." The batboys could swear that their was tears in his eyes.

"What makes you come out of the doom and gloom that is Gotham to come here," Tony asked him.

"I'm afraid it is not under good circumstances. Master Tony I am afraid to tell you that Master Bruce has died," as Alfred said this the two adults and Peter could see the four teens flinch. "Master Bruce has left his four kids in your custody," Alfred informed him as he moved out of Tony's line of sight to show him the four boys as Tony's face gained a surprised expression.

"Alfred I can't. I barely know what to do with Peter half the time. Pepper does all of the work," Tony protested. "Do you really think I would leave you to raise four apparently five boys by yourself. I may be old, but I am not going crazy," Alfred said with a kind smile.

Not much longer Tony gave each boy and Alfred their own room and let them get settled in.


It was around Dinner time when the rest of the residents soon discovered their five new house guest. Clint, Steve, and Natasha walked in on Tony sitting at a counter as an elderly man was cooking.

"Master Tony you really need to get a better kitchen. All of your fancy tools and this is the best you have," Alfred told him as he continued cooking.

"Sorry Alfred. Really wasn't one of the main things I was thinking about when designing this place," Tony said with a smile. He almost forgot what Alfred's cooking was like.

Now for the three that wasn't the most confusing part. The confusing part was a boy with blue eyes suddenly came down from the ceiling.

"Hey Alfie when are we suppose to go back to Gotham. I know you said that you would figure it out but," the boy trailed off, as another boy walked in heading for the coffee machine.

"I can assure you Master Dick that we will spend some time here before heading back to the manor. Master Tim touch that coffee maker and you can forget about coffee privileges for the week," Alfred threatened.

By that time the rest, Bruce and Thor, were in the kitchen as well and were now looking at the group in confusion.

"Um Tony," Clint asked, waiting till he got the other guys attention.

"Who are these people," He asked.

All of the Avengers could see his eyes light up as he started to explain, "this is Alfred. He was the one who took care of and raised me as a child. These two boys are Dick and Tim. Their's two more around here somewhere. The one with a white stripe in his hair is Jason and the youngest one is Damian. Their my Nephew's and new residents of our home," Tony spread his arms as he happily explained, a genuine smile on his face.

Natasha narrowed her eyes at Dick and asked him a question, " If I may. Why are you staying with us and not your father." Dick however did not get a chance to answer as Alfred, the lifesaver, butted in, "now now. Let's not talk about all of that doom and gloom right now. Master Tony show me the dining room so everyone can be fed." One look from Tony and the man of iron knew he was in trouble. "No dining room. Honestly Master Tony you would think that I raised a rabid animal. We will have to fix that. In the meantime Master Dick do go and fetch your brothers for me and Master Tim you should go as well. Knowing that Master Jason and Master Damien have been left alone is a recipe for disaster."

Dick gave Alfred a salute as he aced his landing and dragged Tim to go find their other brothers as they were snickering at Tony being yelled at by Alfred.  

This was suppose to be up a few days ago, but I was busy and forgot about it. I also fixed up a little bit so it's now cleaner and sound better.

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