So, I made a tent out of my old blankets and some wood I found near the shore instead of using my magic to make it. "Oh look who we have here girls?" I turn around and see the Trix standing in front of the only exit out of the alleyway, "please don't hurt me, I-I-I-I-I don't want any trouble," I shiver as a cold breeze blows towards us. "Then tramsform already so you wouldn't, come on," Icy said in a tempting way, "I know your trying to get me to use my magic and get expelled from the school but I'm already expelled," I stated through gritted teeth, "so, go away leave me alone, and go mess with someone else's day but not mine!" I yelled. They seemed taken aback by what I said. I huffed angerly and walk inside my tent. As soon as I was inside, I tried to figure out where I should sleep but the inside was so small that there's no room for pretty much anything. I lay down in the center, to get some sleep for tomorrow. When I woke up, I saw that my tent was down and soaked with water. I shivered as a cold wind blew over it. I trembled as I tried to get up from the ground but a stick must've landed on me because I felt pressure on my right side as well as bruise. "Ugh," I groaned as I used all of my strength to push the stick off me, my mind was nagging me to use my magic but I didn't want to get in even more trouble with the headmaster at the school. "Here, let us help you," a voice said before removing the wet blankets and sticks off me, "th-thanks," I said as I shivered from the cold since my clothes were wet as well, "come on girls, let's take her to our place," I heard before blacking out from the cold.

*Time Skip~*

When I woke up from my blackout, I felt warm blankets on top of me and heard the crackling of a fire. I slowly got up and saw that I was in a blue room and the blankets were blue as well. "Where... Where am I?" I whispered as I looked at my surroundings, "your at our place Samantha," I jumped at the sound of Stormy's voice, "why... Why am I here?" I asked hesitantly, "we felt bad for you, so, we brought you here, that AND to get information about Winx High out of you," she said, "there's always a catch for things like this," I muttered as Icy and Darcy walks into the room. "So, tell us, have the Winx Club really retired from saving the day all the time at-" "yes, they really did retire, but there was a new group to take on the responsibility with me being the leader, but... I was expelled just because of some IDIOT breaking my focus spell and get in the midle of my training!" I yelled anger written in my voice, "if it wasn't for me, none of those people in the group would be as powerful as they are now!" I exclaimed. I grit my teeth in anger. "Woah," Darcy said, "not buying it," Icy said, "they would never expel a student with as much power as you for one nor will they expel someone from the new Winx Club, plus, for all we know, you could be lying," Stormy added. "I'm cursed to tell the truth ya ice jerk," I said through gritted teeth, "ooh," Darcy said, "ouch," Stormy added, "hmm, not bad for a goody-two-shoes," Icy smirked a little at her statement, "I'm serious! I cursed myeslf to tell the truth because my dark side would manipulate those who I love with lies!" I yelled, "uh huh, still not buying it," Stormy said. "F-f-f-f-fine than, nobody else believes me, so why would you three?" I started to take in shaky breathes as I fought the urge to cry.

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