A Day Out With Niall Horan

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My name is Y/N. I found myself wondering alone in the streets of London in the pouring rain. I walked into a coffee shop, the smell of coffee brought me back to life. I got my usual when I realalized that I was short one dollar. The person behind me was so kind he helped pay for my coffee. I wanted to thank the guy but when I looked up my eyes met the most cutest pair of blue eyes ever. I said thank you and walked out the door maybe to see him again. The next day I was talking to my friend texting and always looking down on my phone, when suddenly I bumped into Niall Horan and we both dropped our phones, As you reached down for your phone you accidently reached for Niall's phone thinking it was yours since you both have the same phones. You and Niall then stood up and appoligized for running into each other, but as Niall looked into your eyes he felt as if he'd seen you from somewhere, he tried to figure it out but every time he tried he fell more and more in love with you. He'd asked if he could see you again tommorow at the coffee shop around 4. I agreed to see him tommorow night.

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