moving in day

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So the girls are moving in to day and I am so excited and we just finished helping them move in so we are heading to the mall to shop for so dress and heels to night for the party and I am so excited. so we go to my favorite store called forever 21 so I picked this black scooped dress and red heels I looked sexy. the girls picked there dress and payed for them and left.  we go back and get ready for the party  we take I shower and put on our dress we looked hot and did our hair and makeup and left we went to the party. we got the car and all you hear is music we walk into the house and people were dancing , drinking , and having a good.  so we go get some drinks and red nose comes on and we head to the dance floor and I started twirking and I feel somebody come behind me and I turned around a it's Chris and I keep dancing and flirting and he whisper in my ear and said let's go outside and talk and I nod so I told the girls I was going outside and they said OK so we head outside and started talking and he asked me do I have a boyfriend and I said no and I asked him did he have a girlfriend I he said no so we kept talking and then he asked would I go out with him and I said yes and we started making out and then I had to go and he had grab my phone and ran then came back then we left 

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