Flames POV

I tried . i swear i tried...

But she's just to intimidating .

"Hey , you okay?" Zayn asks

Right now i am currently sitting in zayns room wearing some of my old pjs i left here Years ago.

"Im spending a night with the one person i want to kill , yea im Perfectly calm" i stated

He groaned and mumbled something about letting it go. I ignored .

"Lets watch a movie then? " He asked. i shrugged my shoulders, its better than sitting here staring at each other.

He stood up from the bed and placed the movie in the dvd player, when the movie began to play my eyes widen. This movie was a classic me and Zayn used to watch as kids ALL the time . Everyday Almost . We knew all the words , and scenes , we watched it one time as kids and fell in love with it . 'Mary Popins'.

Obviously he put it on to butter me up but i could care less about that. This movie brought back all the memories we had .


Through out the movie we both whispered the parts we liked. We were both sitting at the head of his bed under his spongebob cover , the one he had basically since birth. I tried not to touch him but i ended up getting lazy and started to lean on him.

"Im sorry" he said coming wayy out of the blue , but i knew what he was talking about

"Dont start" i breathed out

"No im serous Flay, im really sorry for everything ive caused . Pain, sorrow , regret . I never meant to hurt you and you have to believe me. I didnt Want to leave you bu.t i had to - to show people that i could make something of myself . Something good. " he pleaded

I looked up at his brown eyes and couldn't help feeling a little guilty . I should've known it was hard for him to leave me i mean we were bestfriends since middle school . I knew what he meant about showing people that you can do something with your life and that they were wrong about everthing. Failure , Loser , Dropouts , Thieves . Rebels . We were the Joke of the town the ones people -neighbors would shun and tell their kids to not hangout or become like us , they talked about how when we'd grow up we'd be on the street somewhere , Hustling , Drugs , stealing . See ive found this out the same day zayn left . But he knew this before i could and was lucky enough to escape and change his entire life. While i was stuck here being shunned and talked about.

"Why -why didnt you take me?" i whispered on a verge of crying , the only person that did ever see me cry was zayn .

"I wanted you to fix your life without me , i couldn't help you -change you for the better when i was no different from you . Now that im better i can help you ." he said back staring at me with the guilt one hand on my cheek.

I pulled my face away "Psh i dont need help" i stated waving my hand looking foward

He chuckled " way to ruin the mood"

"Its my specialty " i shrugged

"So do you forgive me?" he asked

I thought about it for a while and nod my head

"I guess for now its okay " i said while yawning

"Good sooooooo when can i meet those boys your living with?" he said hopefully

i chuckled and positioned myself to lay down .

"Slow Down there Cowboy "


I woke up to something scratching my shoulder . I looked up to find Zayn face on my shoulder and his arm around my waist . He was so warm on my back , and his Smell was ........oh my god. I took a deep breath and sunk deeper in him.

"You know if you want me all you had to do was ask" he whispered , i stiffen

"Oh please , you just feel good ." i said before i could stop myself

"Oh yea? How about you feel me in a different way?" He purred and pressed his front to my back . Which might i add is a turn on .

" maybe -" i said while pressing my butt harder to his front . Hearing him lightly moan and breath heavily and his 'little' friend poking out made me shiver .

"Not!" i said aloud and got outta bed walking towards the bathroom.

"Not Funny!!!" He yelled

"Hilarious" i stated

- ---------- ------ -

Little update . Sorry

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