chapter: 1. my wish come true.

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it was just normal day for me, i'd get up out of bed and stare at my reflection in the mirror. not what every one else does when they wake up but, i guess, im different, just not the same.

i have never been happy with the way i look, i could never think that i was beautiful enough to be realised. i'd start to brush my hair, slowly as there was no rush. as i would slip into my clothes i would always think that maybe one day i be able to fit in, i question myself about that everyday, my mom once told me that, why should you try to fit in when you were born to stand out.

as a child i didnt need to worry about what my hair looked like or how much wieght i was gaining. But now that im older i feel more insecure. i dont understand how people have the guts to wear what they want and still feel happy about what they look like.

i just wish i was the same and could accept who i am, but who i am is not the same. i was always different. i had different intrests. i would listen to different things. every oppurtunity that came across me, i never had the guts to reach out and take it.

i was scared that if i left my hands out to long to catch the oppurtunitys my hands would crumble, and that i wouldnt be strong enough to hold it.

as a child my idol was Eminem. i grew up listening to him, in every sad moment or angry moment, he made me think its okay and that life isnt always hard. the way he can just exspress so many emotions in one song amazes me. 

ive always wanted to meet him, he is so hot! and yes i know its weird since hes a grown man, but hey i can have my fantasy's cant i?.

im a 23 year old girl, i have no job i have no husband and i have no life, eminem is the only thing kepping my world together.

one day i want to meet him and tell him how amazing he is and how much respect i have towards him. i want to tell him how much i love him, i want to tell him how great his ass is. yes i like his ass, but come on you have to admit, a 41 year old like that has a great ass. 

i go to meet my best friend maddy. we have been friends for years now, ever since highschool days. shes my other half. she might not be interested in eminem so much, but i love her because she accepts who i am. 

i get there. she looks amazing as always. i ask her to sit down so i can tell her how i actually feel in life. 

"whats up emma? "why are you acting so strange?" maddy said with a confused look on her face. 

"nothing maddy, im just, upset, and i need to have a girl to girl talk." i replied looking at my lap.

"well, spill it, im all ears." she said as she put her hand on my sholder to grab my attention.

i was feeling nervous, i didnt know what she would say.

"well, you see. its been 14 years since ive actually cared what i look like. and i just dont know why but i dont feel the same." i said very quickly.

"emma, you need to go out and have fun. what do you want to that would make you happy.?" she said smilling.

"well, i know this seems crazy but i want to go to eminem's concert. its tomorrow. but i have no tickets." i said with a depressed look on my face.

"well, i can help with that, i know a friend that can get us soome tickets." she said pulling me out of my chair.

we go off to her "friends" house. we knock on the door, i here a quiet "come in" so we walked straight in. he was just sitting there staring at his computer. i was so scared, i turned around to maddy and said

"what if he kills us?" laughing my head off.

"emma, dont worry hes very nice"  nodding her head.

"what would you like my people?" he said with a little smirk on his face.

i was totally freaked out.

"well, you see theres an eminem concert coming up and i would love to meet...."

"yes, i can do that for you, but you need to promise not to tell anyone where you got these tickets from." he said looking me straight in the eye.

"yes sir." i replied scared out of my pants. we quickly grabed the tickets and ran out of his house. maddy just looked at me, we both started laughing.

from then on i knew my life was about to go up hill.

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