I wake up in a flash. Beads of sweat are running down my forehead heavily. I wipe my palms on my pants. Thank gosh it was only a dream. I had a horrible dream where my name was called to enter the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is an event where the Capitol selects one male and one female tribute from each of the twelve districts to fight to the death until one lone victor remains. Today is the reaping for the games, but I have a few hours so I decide to meet up with my friend Prim which is short for Primrose.

   Each day Prim and I meet at the trading market. I put on my boots and coat, and grab the crackers I saved for her. Her family lives in the seam because they have very little money to survive. Her sister, Katniss, hunts outside of district 12. She isn't supposed to but nobody really tells on her beacause she sells her game meat pretty cheap. I walk up to the market and see Prim waiting. "Hey," she says. "Hi," I respond. "Nervous?" I ask. "A little, are you?" she asks. "Not really, I mean our names are each only in there three times." I say. "Yeah about that." she says slowly. "Prim! You signed up for tesserae?!" I say louder than I mean to. Tesserae is when you put your name in more times in exchange for a supply of grain. "I had to! We were going to starve!" she yells as if she is in trouble. "Does Katniss know?" Katniss would go mad if Prim signed up for tesserae so I assume not but I wait for her answer. "No, and I don't want her to find out. Just please don't tell her okay?" she begs. "Okay, here are some crackers I saved you, I thought you might like them." "Thanks," she takes the crackers I offer to her. "I'll see you at the reaping okay?" she tells me. "Okay, bye" I say. "Bye" she replies.

   I walk through the door of my house and see my brother dressed in a suit and tie that was our father's. It's his fifth time in the reaping. I look over to my mother who is making beef stew for breakfast. "Hi Jasmine" says my mother. "Hi Mom" I say. "I laid out a dress for you on your bed, and I set you a bath." she says. "Okay" I say. I walk out of the room and take my bath. When I'm out of the bath, I walk over to my bed where there lies a baby pink dress. I put on the dress without hesitation. It is beautiful, with hot pink sparkles. I walk out the room, to where my family is. My brother smiles brightly and my mother is on the verge of crying. My brother walks over to me, picks me up and spins me around. "You look beautiful!" he says with the same smile. "Thank you Peeta," I say.  My mother does my hair in a style she created on her own. "Are you scared?" she asks, breaking the silence. "Kind of, but my name is only in there once times." Thinking of my name only in the reaping three times reminds me of Prim, who had her name put in twice time on her first year for food. I think about Peeta. What would happen if he went into the games? It worries me too much so I think of something else. Before I know it my mother finishes my hair and we are on our way to the square for the reaping.

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