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I looked up at him and smiled. And I mouthed "thank you" and he mouthed "your welcome". As they slowly went inside Ashton turned around and smiled at me, I smiled back. As we were waiting for one direction to come out. And they literally playing so much music before they came out if was actually kinda annoying. Then the lights go out in the stadium. I feel a hand grab my arm and I tense up. I turned around. As I turn around I see that it is a security man and he's literally pulling me up the stage. But as he's about to pull me up the stage he makes a sharp turn.

"May I ask what the hell you are doing?" I ask him

"Shhh you'll see!" he says in a very familiar voice. I then smirk to myself. As I see some violet hair pop out of the security hoodie.

"You wouldn't happen to be Michael Clifford from a really amazing band called 5 seconds of summer, would you?" I asked smiling he turned around and smiled at me and didn't say anything more. As we finally made our way inside, he was dragging me down a long hallway and he stopped at a door labeled "5SOS". He went to open it and my heart was racing I know what's behind here. He pushed the door open and he screamed

"Ash I found her she's not very talkative." mikey shouted. I laughed.

"Well considering you were dragging me throughout the whole stadium, not saying a single word and I had to guess who you were no I'm not gonna be very talkative thank you very much." I smiled at him. As they all introduced themselves we got to know each other a lot more. And at the same time is was crying because one direction and they were all laughing at me. I learned that Mikey's hair is more dead than I thought it would be. And that Luke is really loud. As One Direction was wrapping up their show we were wrapping up our conversation.

"Okay guys they're probably done let's go congratulate them!" Ash said pulling me up off the coach. I just giggled. We were running the hallway and I hear and Irish accent saying something about seeing foot steps. As we turn the corner I see them and I just smiled as I tighten my grip on Ashton's hand I notice I'm still holding it. he looks down and our hands and back up at me and smiles. I ask all the boys for a selfie then a 5/5 group picture. Then a 4/4 group picture, and a 9/9 picture. I very proud for asking for all of that without getting embarrassed. As me and all the boys are about to leave Ashton pulls me aside.

"So uhm I hope you had fun tonight." he says nervously. Why was he nervous?? Ehhh whatever.

"It was really fun thank you so much!!" I say

"Um so can I have your n-number so we can keep in touch?" he said. { A/N: AWWWW ASH STUTTERED }

"Yea of coarse!" me and ash exchanged numbers. and as I was about to get in my cab because Maddi decided to leave me there a hand pulled me back and I was Ashton and he kissed me on the cheek goodbye. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as I got in the cab. I smiled and waved to him and the cab drove away.

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