Chapter 2:

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I sat in my patient's house watching Law and Order: SVU as we ate together. I love my job because I love to help people but I also love it because it's simple stuff to me.

My first day of college is tomorrow and I can't wait. I'm going to become an RN so it'll take a while but I'ma do it.

Me: are you still taking me to school tomorrow since it's my first day?

Shaun: pull up when you get off.

I stared at Shaun's reply for a minute before replying a simple okay. He didn't answer me which meant he was gonna tell me some shit I didn't wanna hear.


When I got off work I got some Chinese for me, Shaun, and Dez. I walked right in using my key. I seen Shaun and Dez playing the game, all loud yelling and shit. I rolled my eyes as I sat across from them started to take food out.

"Well hi to y'all too." I said.

"Hey sis." Dez spoke first.

"Sup Ny baby." Shaun said. This nigga really think I'm his baby.

When they noticed the food they started snatching shit. I laughed at them, but me face changed real fast when I seen bags by the stairs.

"Really, Dashaun?" I asked sadly.

"Nya, love.." He said pulling me on over onto his lap.

"I wanted you to be there with me tomorrow." I said sighing. I always get emotional when he leaves the state to do something drug related. I be worried sick about him. He usually has his boys handle this shit, but every so often he has to make a personal appearance.

"Is you about to cry?" Shaun asked.

"You know she is, ol soft ass." Dez said with a mouth full of food.

"Shut up I just got something in my eye." I said making them laugh. "I'm the hardest female y'all know, fuck y'all thought."

"Yeah but when it come to Shaun you a fuckin cry baby." Dez said.

"You know he got ya named saved in his phone under cry baby Nya." Shaun said laughing.

I slapped Dez in the forehead then Shaun. "That's not even funny." I said but I couldn't help the smile that played on my face.

I am just how they described though . I'm tough around everyone until I get around Shaun it's like I just soften in front of him.

"How long?" I ask looking in his green eyes I love so much as I played with his chin hair, it's a habit.

"2 or 3 days."

I sighed. "Okay. You better call, facetime, text, all that shit all of the time." I said.

"I know the drill love." He said massaging my thighs like he always does. "Gimme a kiss." He said smirking at me.

"No nigga. I told you, you ain't my nigga so you don't get my kisses."

"And I told you to give me a fucking kiss." He spoke against my mouth before pecking my lips a couple times. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he gripped my ass deepening the kiss.

"My virgin eyes." Dez said making us pull apart laughing.

"Nigga you ain't no virgin. Don't think Shaun don't be telling me about the little hoes you be having over."

"Right. I'm 14 and be fucking 16 year olds. Tell me I ain't that nigga?" He said all cocky.

"Ew sit ya little dick self down." I said.

"I ain't little. Ya virgin self." Dez said trying to eat my food I smacked his hand away.

"Yup and proud of it." I said.

"Won't be when I get up in there." Shaun mumbled dapping up Dez.

"Boy boo." I said getting up throwing our trash away.

"Dez staying with me?" I asked.

"No, hell no. You staying here with me. Ya dad crazy, he doesn't believe I'm 14."

I laughed. "I don't have no clothes over here tho."

"So? Wear Shaun's shit like you usually do and pick some up in the morning."

"Fine. None of ya little hoes is allowed over." He looked at Shaun with panicky eyes.

"Not til I get back lil dawg." Shaun said laughing.

"Fuck man." Dez said going upstairs.

"Why do you keep pulling me into ya lap?" I asked. "And stop doing that." I said moving his hand away from my sex as he grabbed it.

"It's mine." He said sucking his teeth. "That's where my dick's home is gonna be."

"Ew shut up." I said laughing. "Always playing. You gonna miss me?"

"Yeah. I already know you gonna miss me so I don't even gotta ask." He said kissing my neck as I sucked my teeth.

He's so fucking conceited.

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