Colds & Batman

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Note: Sorry for the long wait on the update, guys - I've been sick with a cold. Which, btw, inspired this! lol Enjoy!

A wracking cough escaped my lips, shaking my body from underneath the cocoon of blankets mummifying me. I sniffed, groaning slightly before turning up the volume on my Batman movie. I blamed Sam. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not as if he meant it. I was sick because of him. Why, oh why, did these Winchesters always pass their colds on to me? Why? I blamed the quarantine of being on long car-rides, honestly.

Suddenly, there was a knock at my door and I glanced up to see who it was. Although, to anyone looking into my room, all they would see is a massive lump of blankets turning their way.

"Are you alright?" a small voice asked, breaking the silence that had formed in the otherwise quiet room, albeit from Christian Bale's voice on the TV screen.

But before I could reply to Jack's question, another wracking cough overtook me and part of my blankets slid down from my head, letting my long hair tumble out.

When it was finally over, I nodded in his direction, "Peachy,"

He frowned and I could practically see the question forming on his tongue but surprisingly, he said nothing. Instead, in two strides, he had made it over to the bed and sat down beside me on the rumpled sheets. Grabbing part of my blanket, he slid underneath it, baby blue eyes drifting over to the screen. I smiled despite myself. This had become a thing of ours lately. Before Jack would have asked me a million questions but now?

He was beginning to understand human emotions a little better and could realize when someone needed their space. Or just silence. Of course, Cas would take all the credit for that but in the end, Jack and I got along much better for it, either way. Passing him the box of candy, he sent me a small smile before taking a few pieces. We really got into the movie then, the both of us leaned back against the headboard of my bed. We'd managed to watch about half the movie when just then, Heath Ledger as the Joker came on screen.

And poor Jack, he lost all his cool then. In my defense, I had no clue he'd been spending so much time with Sam. Or that, apparently, clowns made him fly off the handle. Mike and Ike's went flying like confetti, pelting the walls and raining down into my hair. I hissed in annoyance, shaking them free.

"Jack-" I started to say but he cut me off.

"IS THAT PENNYWISE?!" he screeched, pulling his knees up under his chin as his baby blue eyes widened in terror.

"What? No! Where have you even heard of him from-" I began before it dawned on me.

Dean. I rolled my eyes. Great, now not only was he scaring Sam with clown stories - he'd already started on the kid, too. I was about to calm him down, though, when suddenly, the Joker laughed his icon maniacal laugh.

Jack jumped in surprise and I couldn't help but giggle, shaking my head.

Reaching over a hand, I patted him gently on the arm, "It's just a movie, Jack. None of it is real, remember?"

He only nodded in response but I could tell he was still a bit on edge, Pennywise in the back of his mind so I switched the channel. I kept flipping between movies before finally, I landed on a Marvel one. I smiled when I saw Loki in all his devious glory and threw the remote onto the bed beside me. Yawning, I leaned back, eyes feeling a bit heavy. Drat. The medicine was making me drowsy again.

But before I could even protest, I was being pulled into a warm body and I nearly laughed then as I breathed in the scent of nougat, feathers, and...was that a hint of pizza? Shaking my head, I didn't even question it - just buried my head in the soft material of Jack's olive-green t-shirt. With my ear pressed against his chest, I could hear his fast heartbeat pitter-patter underneath me. His arms were strong but gentle as they wrapped around me, holding me close before his fingertips began to trace patterns on my bare arm. Now I knew he picked that up from TV.

I was about to confront him on it - believe me, I was - but the gentle sound of his heartbeat, the warmth of Jack surrounding me, had begun to lull me to sleep. My eyes fluttered once, twice before finally, I succumbed to the darkness in Jack's arms.

Needless to say, we received a lot of teasing from both brothers the next morning when they found us tangled up together asleep. But...maybe it was worth it. Just to be with Jack.

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