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I was sleeping peacefully enjoying my sleep when my phone started to ring.

Melo 🏀🧡 would like to FaceTime

Melo 🏀🧡: Hey sleepy forehead!

Me: I'm pretty sure it's sleepy head and why are you calling so early

Melo 🏀🧡: Check the time love, it's afternoon

Me: Damn!

Melo 🏀🧡: You asked your mom about later?

Me: Oh yeah I forgot smh

Melo 🏀🧡: Ask her now then

Me: Aight

Me: She said yes, I gotta be home before 11 tonight tho

Melo 🏀🧡: Aight I'll text you the details

Me: Okayyy

Melo 🏀🧡: Bye babe

Me: Get yo ugly ass off my phone

Melo 🏀🧡: You the one with the crusty eyes

Me: Boy bye

Melo 🏀🧡: Lmao Bye

I ended the call and got up to brush my teeth. I went to have breakfast or lunch, well whatever was in the kitchen.

"Morning Ma," I said giving my mom a hug.

"Morning baby, sit we have business to discuss."

I sat confused and waited for her to speak.

"Tomorrow you and I along with Tina are going to find your dress. You have anything in mind?" She asked.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head no. I seriously can't believe that I'm getting married.

"You have to put in your input, it's your wedding!" She said getting annoyed.

I listened to what she said and remained quiet. If I didn't do anything I'd end up with a trash wedding that I'll regret.

"I'd like a dress that's fitted to the waist and a bit loose to the bottom."

"Okay I'll remember that, then you, Melo, Tina and I are going to the wedding planner," She spoke.

"Okay," I sighed.

All this wedding stuff was starting to make me irritated.

"And even though you're getting married you're still not grown, you'll live under my roof until you turn 18," My mom said.

I shook my head. I just wanted to be a teenager.

I found something to eat and went back to my room.

I checked my phone and saw a message from Lamelo.

Melo 🏀🧡: Wear something cute, I'm not telling you where we're going tho. I'll pick u up at 2

Me: Give me a hint

Melo 🏀🧡: You gon love it 😏

Me: Wow I just discovered all the answers in the universe

Melo 🏀🧡: Can you just be patient and wait until then?

Me: No 🙂

Melo 🏀🧡: See you later baboon I mean alligator

Me: stfu orange orangutan

I checked the time before I placed my phone down. It was only 12 so I did basically nothing before starting to get ready.

I wore a BBB shirt, but I made it look good. I left my hair in my fro and curled it a bit more. Melo should be here soon.

I scrolled on insta a bit while I waited for Melo. I heard a honk outside and saw a black lambo pull up.

Can't believe this was my first date.

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