Song of Thunder

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(This book doesn't seem to understand that Coming Soon means to not bother Theory for a bit >.>) 

"We had warned you, boy. Yet you blatantly disregarded what we kept telling you." The older man rasped as he stepped forward, making Daiya carefully back up against the wall of the carriage. 

The vehicle was surprisingly big, with all but one small bench seat taken out of it, but there was only so much room to begin with. The ceiling seemed to have been raised, too, allowing for just enough space to stand, but dodging any attacks wouldn't be easy... especially with his poor eyesight. 

"I don't know why master Fin decided to take you, and quite frankly, if it wouldn't cost me my current life, I would throw you off this carriage this second. He's acting a fool trying to bend the rules, but there's nothing I can do now that you're here." 

So you're dead, too? 

When the man continued toward him, Daiya bit his lower lip and narrowed his eyes as he did his best to match him step for step. He wasn't really trying to avoid him as much as he was trying to get used to his blurry movements. His father had made sure to get him trained for self defense, especially considering his terrible eyesight if he managed to lose his spectacles, but he needed a few moments to learn his opponents basic movements before he could stand a chance. 

"Sorry for this, lad. Perhaps you'll die swiftly by my hand and not have to suffer at master Fin's keep." The man said right before he lurched forward. 

Daiya ducked the oncoming punch as he moved to the left, eyes widening and narrowing to try and help him judge distance better. 

The next attack hit him, but just barely. It hurt shockingly bad, though, almost like getting slapped with a heavy sack of mud. He stumbled to the floor, but knew better than to lie there and wait for the pain to dissipate. Daiya scrambled back to his feet quickly, just in time to run out of range of a kick that would have definitely done some horrible damage to his lower torso.

"It's obvious you can't see for nothing, so I commend you're ability to dodge. I know I'm not as good a fighter as I used to be when I was alive, but I can still pack a good wallop." The man said. 

Daiya had to agree. The man hit unrealistically hard. 

He dodged two more strikes and yanked on the door that Fin had locked, but it didn't budge. 

"Don't let yourself get distracted, lad." The man said from right behind him. 

He had. The punch that hit his left shoulder as he tried to duck away sent him straight into the wall, then to the floor as his right hand swung around to grab the damaged area. The bones felt broken, but he forced himself not to dwell on the injury and staggered to his feet right as he felt the front of the carriage jerk up, knocking him right back to the floor with a pained cry. 

"Ah, that was a fast ride." The man said before a crack of lightning struck somewhere nearby, making both of them jump. 

Not a few seconds later there came the sound of heavy rain hammering down on the top of the carriage. Daiya watched the man stare upward, but when he didn't return his attention to him, he slowly started trying to stand. 

The carriage was rocking slightly, and if Daiya had to guess, they were somehow on water now. No water was coming in from beneath the door, however, so he didn't let his mind wander with curiosity. 

Since the man still seemed distracted, he ran back to the door and, with his good arm, tried to yank it open again. He continuously looked over his shoulder as he worked, praying that the door would somehow unlock. 

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