Chapter 1-The origin of blue balls: seven months later

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"Are you sure you want to do this?" I ask my friend Josh, as I lean back in the comfortable leather armchair.

"Duh ... Yes," he declares confidently, adjusting his tie. "I am wearing a fancy Michael Kors suit, and in case you haven't noticed, we're in Baldwin's Formal Wear Shop." He motions to the surrounding room filled with a variety of tuxedos, ties, and other men's wedding accessories.

Josh, yes, Cooper legally changed his name back, is getting hitched to Beth. It only took a month for her to confess her love to him, and two for the woman to agree to marriage. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for the guy, but I think this relationship might be going a little fast. They were separated for years, and people change, right?

"I see," I mumble, taking a sip of my complimentary champagne. My eyes catch sight of his narrowed ones in the mirror and he turns to face me, his expression guarded.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Jared?" He folds his arms across his chest. "You were the one who convinced her to see me again. I thought you'd be happy about this."

"I am. It's just ..." I pause, attempting to organize my thoughts. Who am I kidding? I'm damn elated for him. Though slightly embarrassing, I confess the true reason behind my un-Jared like attitude. "I might be jealous of you two."

"The great Jared Carrington jealous of a loser like me?" He smirks. "Stop the presses."

"Fuck you."

"Well, perhaps if you didn't sleep with the entire population of Manhattan, then you would meet a nice girl to settle down with."

"That's the thing. I'm jealous of what you have and I'm not completely sure I want to settle down. I like having the freedom to do whoever I want." Total bullshit. I could go the monogamy route if it's with the right woman.

Josh shakes his head at me. "You realize that's crazy. You can't have your cake and eat it too."

"I didn't say anything about cake. I want an open relationship is all."

"Good luck finding a woman to agree to that. I've only seen it happen on reality television. You're better off becoming a polygamist and moving to a place where it's prominent. I believe it's legal in the middle of the country. They have cheap housing if you're game."

"And move out of New York?" I scoff, taking a final swig of my drink. "No one does that, ever."

"How about you use that agency of yours to find a woman? There are plenty to choose from who won't mind if you dipped your dick in other places."

"Nah. I don't shit where I work."

"But you did fuck Danni."

"Yes," I begrudgingly agree, reminiscing about that wild night with the blonde temptress. She's the first woman I ever let tie me up, and by let, I mean she distracted me with her dick sucking skills so that she could cuff me to her bed. I was not a fan. "I slept with her before she joined my agency. Therefore it doesn't count. Besides, she's a handful, and definitely off limits."

"I get that." He turns to face the mirror, studying his reflection. "But you have to figure out what you want. I have my happily ever after, and I'd like you to get yours too."

"Slow down, Oliver." A female voice with a sexy as fuck rasp shouts at what appears to be a teenager barreling toward us, bringing my senses to attention. Meticulously scanning the room, I'm unable to pinpoint the direction the sound came from. "I said, stop." Frustration is my first name, as I still can't find the elusive woman having this effect on me, therefore I focus on the kid who abruptly skids to a halt. The daredevil was mere inches from running into another tailor carrying fresh glasses of champagne for the groomsmen a few rooms over. Josh strides past me, greeting the kid with a hug, doing a quick muss of his hair. A returning smile is exchanged, Josh ending the hello with a pat on the teen's back.

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