The Hunger Games: 74 Years On

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"Seventy four years ago, a change occurred in Panem. A change that I'm sure everyone in this room will have suffered the consequences of. My own grandfather was executed for it, and since then we've had to live our lives democratically." The speaker pauses to catch her breath. "Seventy four years ago the districts rebelled to send a message to the Capitol. A message that they should be allowed to live as equals to us. Well now, ladies and gentlemen, I feel that the time has come to send a message back to them. That the Capitol is returning, stronger than ever before. We need to assert ourselves as the rightful leaders of Panem and watch the districts cower beneath us, like in the good old days. This year is the 150th anniversary of the Hunger Games. I believe that if we are to show that we still have some authority, a special Games is in order." 

An enormous cheer rebounds around the room, and Rosaline Snow smiles.

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