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A lot of people have been wondering why I deleted the continuation story for this one shot... There's your reason. This is a one-shot. It is not supposed to go any further than where the author leaves it. I originally made this story to test the waters of one-shots and I figured out how to de them. I'm still learning how to make good ones. One-shots are meant to be open for explanation and continuation for the readers to decide. I cannot take it upon myself to give you guys my idea of what would happen afterward. That is all up to you and only you to decide.

Now, if any of you would like to write a story based off of this, just let me know and I will make sure that future readers know that you guys are writing a continuation. If you ask me to make a continuation for this myself (again or for the first time. I am not putting any names.) I will politely ask you to turn away from the story. You will not be allowed to write a continuation because it can be considered copyright. I got the soulmate au idea from another author and properly dedicated the story to them. Besides the au, the rest of the idea is mine. It is my idea to make Harry the way he is and it is my idea to have what happened, happen. If you refuse to listen to me after a second warning, I will report you for stealing an idea. If you mention that the idea is mine and you're writing the book without my permission, I will kindly ask you to remove the story because I did not give you explicit permission to use my idea for your story.

Again, if you want to write a continuation or before everything that happened, just ask me and I will give you permission. I will be keeping track of who is writing stories based off of this and who is banned from doing so. And, also, let me know if you want to write a continuation or a before everything or something that has both, I will have it organized. Please do tell me the name of the story so that future readers can easily find it. Thank you.

People writing continuation:

People writing before everything:

People writing both:
1. fujoshiwriter3 - (I will link the story when they have started it.)

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