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A year after a solar storm plunges the world into total darkness, seventeen-year-old Jake Holloway finds himself holed-up in an abandoned, cold-war missile silo with two of his high school friends, Keith Pressman and Evan Jensen. Stranded with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, they are fighting for survival against a society that has turned on itself. 

When their desperation for food and additional supplies reaches an unbearable level, they are forced to go topside. They plan to slip into the surrounding silos undetected, taking only what they need. But their moral code of not taking from the living comes crashing down when they find the unthinkable—a girl, Meredith, bloodied and bruised, huddled into the corner and refusing to speak or move. 

Haunted by her broken frame and vacant eyes, Jake can’t stomach leaving her behind to fend for herself.  Foregoing the supplies they originally came her, Jake brings her home, promising her safety. But it isn’t long before Meredith’s presence triggers a series of unexplainable attacks which turn their underground haven into nothing more than a steel trap. Soon, protecting Meredith becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse… in which not everyone will survive. 

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