Yes Chef Chapter Three

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They pulled up outside the huge building. Looking up at the bright lights, it looked so glamorous. She thought back to the last time she had even entered a building like this.

"Follow me" He said firmly, ushering her into the lobby.

"Sort the room out for Mrs Taylor" he nodded to one of his staff members, as he called the elevator.

She looked around, noticing that the place was deserted apart from the crew gathered around the front desk, and the young, flustered girl behind reception.

"Where is everyone?"

She looked up at him "In bed I should think, it is two o'clock in the morning you know"

"Oh, of course"

As the elevator doors opened, he smiled and stretched his arm out motioning her to walk ahead of him.

She stepped out, staring down the long corridor.

 "So, you still up for this drink?" She said, shocked as the words came out of her mouth.

What was she doing? She didn't feel like herself. She actually felt exhilarated, his attentiveness was like nothing she had experienced before. His attention, combined with the nights events were starting to make her feel like she'd already had a drink.

"Well well well, there she is" He said, laughing to himself.

"In here darling"

He slid the card into the lock, opening the door.

She walked in, and heard the bathroom fan start to hum. Turning around, she saw him close the bathroom door.

"Mines a whisky please sweetheart!"

He shouted from inside the bathroom.

She tried to push any anxiety to the back of her mind, as she bent down and opened the small fridge. She pulled out a tiny bottle of whisky, and a wine for herself.

The sound of the fan had stopped now, noticing this she stood up and turned to see Gordon pressing a button on the wall, causing the lights to dim.

"Here...I couldn't find a glass"

She reached over, placing the drink in his hand. He quickly twisted the lid, throwing his head back, consuming the liquide in one shot.

"After the day we've had, I've got no need for glasses. Just get it down you girl!"

She let out a soft chuckle as she unscrewed the lid of her own beverage, and tried to do the same as him, throwing her head back. Failing miserably as she coughed, clutching her chest, she stuttered out "I-I don't drink much."

His initial expression of amusement, now started to turn to one of concern, and guilt.

A long pause inseud, as his eyes studied her face, moving down, lingering on chest...and hips.

Her heart began to race, as she felt his gaze burn into her. His intense stare was having an effect, desire pooling between her thighs.

She could hear his breathing start to get faster, as he slowly lowered his hand, placing the empty bottle on the desk beside him.

The look in his eyes no longer of compassion, but one of desire, and lust.

"When...when I saw you earlier, Rose, I knew I shouldn't have looked at you that way...but I couldn't help it." He paused, swallowing hard as he continued

" You're too young, i'm old enough to be your father..but I don't care."

She couldn't take it in, it was too much. She could feel her legs start to shake, when suddenly he grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her towards him.

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