Amelia Mary Earhart

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Okay ummmmmmmmmmmmmm here some quick notes I can think of now.

First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and her name is Amelia Mary Earhart. Ric Gillespie of the international group for historic aircraft recovery (TIGHAR)says that the fate of Amelia Earhart may be dead in a castaway on a different pacific island.
And four months into her trips around the world,Earhart began to run low on fuel while trying to find howland island.

Okay....Howland island gotta be somewhere but first I gotta look it up to find where that is. And also Earhart and the two engineer onboard were last seen on Radar on June 2.
(But what year what that,and what radar??)
Gillespie says that they landed on a island called Nikumaroro that is around 400 miles southeast of Howland.
There were radios calls from different people from Earhart to others people In The USA and there was a housewife said that Earhart says that “She landed in water”
Okay I think I am unto something now.

Earhart said that she was injured but the engineer Named noonan was much worse off than herself.

Okay here is my respond to this guys.

Earhart was going around the world in the plane that she fly in but with another person in there with her,something bad happen and shit went to hell,a body or another person body was found on a island and the scientist think it her but I don't know about that,the body gotta be somewhere in the island of Howland or the other island with a weird name. But she did landed in water and Earhart and the others persons swimming to a island (I guessing)before the plane get sink in underwater, and they all have to get the hell outta the plane so that is what they did in order to stay alive,but the plane got to be I the water like really down below where no one can find it.I hope a group of people find the plane in years later or so,I hopes.

I don't want Earhart disappear story to be blink as a book unless her body or anything else is founded and also the plane,but just got to be where was the last location the plane was seen or predict where it was.That all I got to say about this now.

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