4: Amnesia

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"I thought about our last kiss, how it felt, the way you tasted."

I brought a hand to my lips, dragging my fingers across the bottom, trying to remember how it felt when her lips met mine. She left without warning and to this day I don't know why. I pulled out my phone and typed in the familiar number of the girl that hadn't been off my mind since that horrible day she left me, Y/N.

"Ashton, man you need to get out." Michael's voice rung out in my ears. I winced due to the lack of exposure to sound.

"Leave me alone," I muttered miserably.

"No," Michael sighed, annoyed, "it's been what? almost 2 months? Come on." He persisted.

"I-I can't," I whispered, mostly to myself. Michael pushed open the door and walked over to where I had set up my makeshift home. He clapped a hand on my back.

"Mate, you need to go out, you need to get her off your mind," he crouched down, trying to make eye contact with me.

"E-Everything reminds me of he-" My voice cracked, causing me to cry. I was weak, it's just a girl, why am I this upset? I brought my hand back to my lips.

"Come on," Michael dragged out the syllable, pulling me into a standing position.

"Go take a shower, shave, we're all going out in about an hour," he gave a final push towards the bathroom, offering me a small smile.

I nodded, and shut the door quietly, maybe I could get over her.


"I remember the day you told me you were leaving. I remember the makeup running down your face."


"Y/N," I gasped, taking in her features. Her eyes were filling with tears at the sight of me, her mouth trembling, and mascara trailed down her cheeks, "baby, come here," I mumbled uncertainly, stepping towards her.

"No, no," she paused to wipe her eyes, "Cal, I-I have to go."

"Wha-what? Go where, I'll take you, please stop crying!" I took another step forward, but to my dismay, she took a step back, distancing herself from me.

I crossed my arms, enveloping myself in my own hug, hoping to replace the empty feeling.

"Goodbye Calum, I'm leaving," she paused and added a measly, "you."

My mouth fell open at the realization that she was breaking up with me. "Oh my god," I mumbled numbly, tears were forming in the corners of my eyes. I turned away half a degree, I didn't want her to see me cry.

"Cal, stop, don't cry," she smiled weakly, walking over to me and pressing a short, too short, kiss to my lips. With that she turned on heel and left our shared apartment. My vision blurred as I crouched down and held my knees to my chest.

How was I going to go on without her?

-End of flashback-


"The pictures that you sent me, they're still living in my phone."

I scroll through my pictures, finally deciding on deleting some due to the lack of storage. I study each picture, trying to figure out if it's important enough to keep on the precious storage of my phone and my own memory. I come across a picture that hits me with full force, breaking my heart and blurring my vision. I put a hand up to my head as I stare at it longer. It was a picture of me and Y/N, she was smiling at the camera and I was staring at her with all of the love in the world. I curse under my breath as I watch tears hit the sensitive screen of my phone. "Luke?" Calum opens the door of the tour bus and looks around.

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