I shift around on the windowsill trying to find a comfortable spot. My Notebook in my lap and pen in my  mouth I stare blankly at the white page in hope some words could magically spill on there. I find my attention ripped away from the page when I see the house across the road from me suddenly fill with people for their usual Friday night party.

All at once red cups scatter the whole street and people grind and dance with one another while others play stupid drunken games. My heart pounds fast as I see Kyle and his 'gang' pull up to the party. I dive off the window and onto my warm cosy double bed in order for no one to see me.

I slowly make my way out of my small room crawling on the floor trying not to be seen by any unwanted party goers over the road aka my 'class mates'.

As im walking down the stairs I hear sobs coming from Perrie's room, I quickly swivel round and head to her room but as i reach the door I realise that its not her voice. I edge the door open to see Perrie kneeling on the floor next to her bed and Jodie ,Jonah's sister sprawled out face down on top of the bed sobbing.

I hear a squeak come from my mouth and both heads turn to me.

"Oh sorry" I mutter, "whats up?" I whisper to Perrie as Jodie puts her head back on the pillow. She gives Jodie a quick glimpse and removes her hand from her back. She quickly makes her way over to me and closes the bedroom door,

"Well ... Jonah has gone missing Soph" she sniffs and drops her head on my shoulder. Usually I would hug back but my arms sting and I also don't care that Jonah has gone ... actually I am over the moon, but I cant say that to her face as I can tell that she is already broken.

"We have called the police but ... they cant do anything yet" she sobs smearing black mascara all over my t-shirt.  I pull away from her and smile,

"everything will be okay I promise, he probably needed to clear his mind" I try and comfort her.

She just stares at her feet until Jodie shouts her back into the room. I give her a quick smile and jet off down the stairs grabbing my coat and shoes from the rack and opening the door, I dont care who's out there as long as im not in the same house as Jodie I'll be fine. She knows that I have a disliking for Jonah being with my sister so she thinks I also have a disliking to her ... which is true but its only because she's a bitch , she has no reason not to like me.

I walk down my crumbling path until I reach the gate and look around for anyone who I don't like. when I don't see anyone I turn and walk down the small street 'till I reach the road at the end. Before I can decide weather or not to cross it im dragged behind a bush and my mouth is slammed shut by someone's hand.

I try and wriggle out of their grip and scream but their grip is too strong, stronger that anyone who's in Kyles 'gang'. I begin to panic and wriggle faster until they let go and spin me around.

"What the hell are you doing out here ... you know what happens to you in school" a strong voice growls at me.

My mouth is glued shut by the tall fellow who stands in front of me with a dark black shirt on and skinny jeans which hug onto him in all the areas making him look sexier than when I first caught sight of him in school...

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