Chapter 2

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I hopped into my car and once I heard the back doors shut, I pulled out of the parking lot. I was relieved that they let me come along. I was glad that John, the blond one was able to convince Sherlock. I sped down Baker Street as fast as the speed limit would allow me. I pulled into the lot where crime tape was already put up with police cars around. I followed Sherlock briskly, John falling into step next to me.

"Ah, Sherlock! Quicker than normal!" a man said meeting us at the crime tape holding it up for us. "Got yourself a girl?"

"She know the owner of the flat. Not my girlfriend," Sherlock said walking ignorantly towards the house.

"He's always like this," the man said. "The name's Greg Lestrade." What's with all the guys talking to me? I nodded.

"I'm Anna Zimmerman," I said. Greg's eyes widened and quickly rushed me inside.

"Someone left you a message." He told me. He led me quickly up the stairs, where her body laid. I froze in terror. There by her head was my name with an "X" through it. Then below that it says "Blame here." I was scared. John walked over to me but said nothing. The fact the nobody said anything made me feel better.

"She was killed thirty minutes ago," Sherlock began to talk. I willed for him to shut up.

"Obviously not suicide. Nor a gun because that hole in the stomach is to large in diameter."

"We could just listen to the sign," one person from the team suggested. I already didn't like that person. Still, I said nothing.

"John, call the coffee shop and see what time Anna got to work," Sherlock ordered.

" I did NOT kill my best friend!" I shouted taking a threatening step towards him. An arm rapped around my neck and another around my stomach. I knew it was John. I didn't struggle, even though I knew he could hurt me, but I had no idea if he would.

"Take her outside," Sherlock's voice sounded cold, and his blue eyes showed hints of frustration as he glared at me. I stared back, my grey-blue-greenish eyes brimming with determination. I kept my head held high, even with John's arm against my neck. As he pulled me out of the room, I took one long stare at my best friend who laid dead in her own blood.

Authors note: Sorry I haven't written much!! I was grounded for a month and I just haven't had much motivation. Enjoy this chapter and please vote/comment/share!

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