Juke Box Introduction

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Two best friends until the end. One oddball, and one hardcore gamer. Sure, they both liked to play video games, but Jackson was the one who originally inspired Luke in his favorite hobby. Luke was a mlgpro in Minecraft and heavily spent most of his days locked in his dark room live streaming and recording videos. Because of this, his girlfriend, Savannah, had left him for not spending enough time with her, and being a dick overall.

Luke set down his headset and sighed. Break time. Saturdays were so boring now without Savannah, he thought. He went to the kitchen to make himself a bowl of cereal, when suddenly his phone vibrated.

Borderlands 2 at my place? The message was from Jackson. Luke texted back, K. be there in a sec.

It was sad that his life had basically been taken over by video games and the sad truth that no girl would probably ever love him again. He would live in his parents’ basement for the rest of his life, slowly withering away like an unkempt daisy.

Luke leaves the house and bikes the five minutes to get to Jackson’s house. Like Luke, Jackson had yet to move out of his parents’ house since it was their senior year in high school. The leaves were just beginning to bud again, bringing their last year together to an end. Unfortunately for Luke, he had no future plans other than making some easy cash off of his Youtube videos.

Jackson was already prepared to go out and be someone in the world. Somedays Luke would realize how unsure he was about his future and would mope around the rest of the day. His plans had been crushed after Savannah left him. But the truth is, he deserved it. It seemed like all of his friends had recently lost their girlfriends, except Jackson. Jackson never had a girlfriend.

“Door’s open.” Jackson’s voice comes from inside as Luke arrives at his house. He joins him in front of the tv and grabs a controller.  

“Hey do you want to go get something to eat?” Jackson asks as they finish five hours of gaming. “We’re out of food.”

Luke sighs but stands up, stretching. “Fine.”

Many times Luke tried to find other girls to date, but none of them were like Savannah. She was perfect. His friends would joke and  make snarky remarks like, “you should resort to guys” but of course Luke denied. That was gay. But sometimes Luke did get desperate… Like, beyond desperate.

“Actually, I’ll just order a pizza.” Jackson takes out his phone and dials the pizza guy. He ordered a large with everything on it, just how they both liked it.

“Your covering the tip.” Jackson orders.

“The fuck? I didn’t get my money from my last video yet, so I’m broke as shit.” Luke complained.

Jackson sighed. “Fine… But you owe me.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Luke rested his feet up on the table in front of the TV, yawning.

The two sat in the living room eating the now cold pizza as their eyes were fixed to the tv screen. The clock ticked nearing two in the morning.

“I’m glad you came over.” Jackson said quietly as they waited for the loading screen to disappear.

“Yeah… me too.” Luke agreed realizing he hadn’t thought about Savannah for most of the day.

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