Lousy drummer?

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Chapter 2 

Soon, the lunch break was over. The four ran to the studio eager to start recording. Paul looked at John.

"Love Me Do?"

John simply nodded.

"Alright boys, Love Me Do from the top!" Paul looked at Ringo "You know this one?"

"I think so. I usually just feel what to do if that's ok with you."

"No problem. Just make it good!" Paul winked then looked at John. There was a brief moment of last minute tuning, practicng parts, etc.

Ringo counted off once everyone was ready "1... 2... 1, 2, 3, 4!" About half way through the song everyone stopped giving Ringo his time to shine... Including Ringo. They all turned around confused.

"You were supposed to play there mate." George said breaking the silence.

Ringo was speechless in a trance "He talked to me.... He really talked to me!"

"Why didnt you play your bloody solo Starkey?" John shouted.

Ringo jumped frightened snapping out of it. "I, uh, I dont like to play solos..."

They all looked at one another mumbling to themselves. 

John groaned annoyed. "Fine! We'll play the song WITHOUT the solo... Lousy drummer."

Paul sighed John. "Take it easy on the poor lad John. Not all drummers are arrogant jerks like Pete."

George threw a death glare at Paul and John broke the tension " Lets just play the stupid song."

Ringo frowned and counted off again. They went through the song in two takes. It was perfect. Ringo still felt bad about not wanting to play the solo. Did that really mean he was a lousy drummer? Why was John being so harsh? Is he always like this? They finished recording for the day and all went back to their flats. John and Paul already shared a flat. George told Ringo if he didnt have a flat nearby he could stay with him and Pete until he finds one. Ringo couldnt refuse.

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