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I would like to address this subject because it's been bugging me lately. Sorry if I offend anyone in the way, those were not my intentions.

Stop blaming society over everything. Stop saying society wants you to be some way because that's ridiculously untrue. People like skinny, deal with it. The same way some people don't like skinny.

No one is forcing you to be skinny to be liked. "Society only likes you when you're dead or sad. You cant trust anyone" that's not true. If that happens you're not with the right people. There will be people who you can trust and who will love you for you, but stop blaming your self pity on society because society does not exist.

Don't say "society wants me to be skinny." Reminder I'm part of society!! I don't even know you! Why would you blame me for your issues if I son't even know your name. Chances are that if I see you at the mall, I wouldn't mind you. NO ONE goes out to the mall and starts judging people from their apperance. You know why? Because they have lives and they don't care about you. There, I said it. Strangers don't care about you! Shocker!

I hope by now you understand:

1. Society doesn't exist.

2. It's stupid to blame strangers over your insecurities.

3. The only people who could possibly judging are the people you know.

I agree though, magazines should stop photoshopping models because, let's be honest, we would still buy what their selling. When we see adds we think "wow, cute shirt." Not "wow, she has a nice nose, I'm buying the shirt now!"

But seriously, stop the negativity in yourself, because you are acting like the depressed teenagers on tv you promised yourself never to look like.

Don't expect someone to come and save you because the only one who can save you is yourself. Meditate the last sentence a few times and you'll understand what I mean.

You live the life you chose to live. Now choose right.

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