chapter one

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skyler POV


I woke up to the sound of the bell so when I walked out the lady that owns this hell hole told me I was getting adopted so I ran up stairs as fast as I can and when the person showed up I saw it was hoodie I recognized him from anywhere

**time skip**

once we walked in everyone stoped and stared at me  I just waved hello so then smile dog came up to me Jeff got worried but smile was super nice to me and then I saw all the creepypasta's just sitting there with jaws dropped "don't just sit there with your mouth open you'll catch flies" I giggled "do u guys have waffles?" I asked " yeah but their mine" toby said sternly I did t puppy dog eyes and he finally gave in and I got waffles.

Jeff's POV

" stupid Ben acting like he didn't catch the kitchen on fire too *kicks wall* owowowowowowowow" I said to myself "ha Jeff's crying on the floor hahaha I'm gonna Ingram this shit" laughed masky "#whosgonnahelphimup #notme #maebeweshouldjustleavehim " said toby "you spelled mabye wrong" corrected masky "I don't give a shit" replied toby


I know this was a random moment but I had to make it lol

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