Chapter 3

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1 Week Later

"Bye love you." Dan says. I laugh then roll my eyes.

"Love you too." I say. We play around like that. I don't know how it started but we've been saying it for a week now.

Oh yeah Dan and Phil are going to their radio show so I have the house to myself. One they leave I get a big bag of chips and sit on the sofa in Dans oversized clothes. I still haven't bought my pajamas. I get on Netflex and start my walking dead marathon. A few hours later Dan and Phil walk through the door. They look like dead people.

"You look bad." I say.

"Oh thanks." Dan says then smiles at me.

"Ditto." Phil says. I laugh.

"So I'm bored."


"I'm going into my room." I say.

"Not your room." Dan says.

"I sleep in it bitch."

I go upstairs and lay on the bed. Dan comes up behind me. It seems like he's hiding something. Something is strange about him.

"Dan what's wrong?"

"Do you still cut?"


"Because I care about you." He says. I look down at my left wrist and hold it up to Dan. He takes my wrist in his hands then sighs.

"I'm sorry."

"No I know." He says. He puts my arm down the rolls up his right sleeve. There are very VERY faint white lines across his wrist. There's tons of them!

"Dan." I whisper.

"Before I met Phil I was kinda depressed. Going through some things."

"I'm so sorry."

"I'm sorry about yours also." He says. I put his arm down then hug him.

"We have each other right?"


The next morning I wake up in Dans arms. I get up and go to the lounge where I find Phil eating pocky and watching TV. I sit beside him and hold out my hand. He hands me a few and we sit and watch TV together. About an hour later Dan walks in all happy and stuff.

"Why are you so happy?" I ask.

"I get to show you where I work!"

"What do you mean?" Phil asks.

"Chris called me this morning and told me that we had to come in for something and he said we could bring Sam!"

"Yay!" I jump around with Dan.

"Guys the neighbours are going to hear you."

"Trust me, they hear enough banging." I say then wink. Phil's eyes widen and Dan bursts out laughing from behind me.

"Come on lets get dressed!" Dan says.


"I want to wear that shirt. You better not have put your girl smells all over it."

"I was cuddled next to you all night I'm pretty sure it still has your man smell all over it." I say then throw the shirt at him. I slide another one on then a pair of jeans then fix my hair.

"Your never scared people will see your scars?" Dan asks. I look back at him then down at my feet.

"I don't really worry about it." I say. "The last time I cut was a few weeks ago. Before I met you."

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