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As you read the title of  this story    let yourself   dwell on its meaning        all of  us find   we    deal with suggestion all the time. So many  suggestions about so many things.   i   want you to focus on the sugestion   as you read   HERe  NOW       Relax sit back  let yourself focus on the words      focus on the suggestion of   reading  my words  letting  hypnotic suggestion begin  We all have    idead and wonders about hypnosis. Can we be hypnotized?? What  does it  feel like??  Will it affect me    in different ways?     Relax    just follow my words     allow my suggestions to    fill your inner mind as you read. 

  So many thougfhts fly through your mind as you read now. Let them go focus on my words   relaxed    letting go     wanting to    enter   hypnotized state to feel  it happen       Just go with all  my words  say     Feeling a lil    drifty  floaty     feeling   body   loosen up relaxing    more and more pleasant waves of  good feelings begin     Mind wants to explore feel the pleasant  sensations    continue     Go with the suggestions   go   deep     relaxed     letting yourself feel the   good  feelins carry on   nice  gentle easy  relaxed  feeling    like you want to  go deeper    deeper   follow down where my words lead you      wanting  to focus      be taken    like    going  down   i nan elevator      down down down     drop  down each floor   takes you deeper    breathe    slow   in and out     long deep  gentle breaths  each breath    more relaxed deeper   floating  so pleasant so nice wanting more   always more    

  Suggestion     works so well           Leave a private message telling me  how well you liked ti  and   if you would like   suggestions to  relax and take you  down deeper   

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