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I woke up to the sound of rain drops trying to brake there way through my window, typical English Birmingham weather.  

'god i dont wanna get up' i thought as i grabbed my phone to reveal the time 12:32 .wow i slept in late.

i grabbed my laptop and logged onto twitter as my stupid phone wouldn't load fast enough because I'm far to impatient to wait like another 30 seconds more ahaaa. as i logged in i saw that my followers had dramatically gone up and i was getting tweets asking how come they followed me and not them.

'what the hell are they going on about' i thought to myself.  I then clicked onto my messages hoping they would reveal an answer to all this madness, and so they did there in my inbox was a message from james saying and i quote 'how u doin p.s hey to you to ;) xx ' 

is it a joke, a big mind baffing joke.

i clicked on the user profile of James to reveal a shocked looking face of mine plastered on my face the account is verified meaning only one thing ITS THEM ITS FLIPPING THE VAMPS.

After my heart rate recovered to its normal speed and i had calmed down i clicked on the message off brad as you know well he was he first one i wanted to reply to because he is my favorite.

'heyy chickaaaaa how are you ignore James he wants you but i wont let that happen i want you ;) xxx '

'u serious right now ok i replied to you first lool :) hows u, I'm great now xxx ' i hit send laughing and replaying what brad ad just said to me he 'wants me' OK time to reply to James 

'erm OK ... sorry but just to warn u brad told me you want me and he said i cant let that happen lol ;) so where are you xx '

After about 5 minutes brad replied telling me to Skype him and James and gave me his name name and i gave him my Skype name in return after we accepted each other i told them id be 10 minutes and then to call me, so literally 10 mins after i got a call and i happily accepted bringing up all 3 of our faces.

My long brown hair was pulled back into a not so neat bun and i wore a pair of blue denim shorts along with a white top and a denim jacket, i didn't want to be to dressy but i didn't want to be a wierdo in my pj's.

as there faces become clear i said hi trying to sound cool lol. this is how the conversation went.

"hiiiiii" i sung to the boys 

"hey Lauren" the boys said in unison a smile becoming visible on there faces 

"erm.... where are you" i asked the boys as i saw random people in the background staring at us.

"on the train to Birmingham we are staying in a hotel 10 minutes from my home for a whole month" Bradley told me excitement in his voice

"yh Connor and Tristan are just over there also...... say hiiii" James said before quickly turning the camera to reveal the others

connor and Tristan screamed really loud causing James,connor and Tristan to argue.

me and brad exchanged address' after i told him i live near him which he found scary that i knew his address but i just told him its what fans do and he just looked at me as if too say okaayyy moving on apparently they are going nando's later on and brad has insisted on me going with them so he can see me for the first time, i know i have only known him for a short while but i feel like i know him really well now ....

after the call ended because James got really hyper and brad said he was showing off bless him, i got in the bath tweeting brad to make him jealous because im mean lol and then i started to get ready i was ready an hour early when i heard my door knocking which my little sister answered screaming also, like me she was a fan, i got her in the living room explained and then opened the door wide for the 4 handsome looking boys to enter saying hello as i did so i walked upstairs and into my bedroom to finish up and grab my phone and bag and purse before walking out the house and into the car with he boys.

this is where we finally met .....

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