Chapter 2:Stranger Dangers

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Okay class now stay close together,don't go too far, don't talk to any one that is not in your class and don't touch anything unless I say so." My teacher, Ms.Ralph said to us while we got off the school bus.

I was walking pass the buses chairs and was about to step out when I felt hands push me.

"Whaa, oof!" I fell face flat on a big puddle of mud.

I heard laughter irrupt from all the little kids while Ms.Ralph tried telling them to stop. Once I picked up my face I spit out the mud I had in my mouth and saw everyone was laughing and pointing at me.

"Ewww MeliSmelli ate poop!!!" They all chant. I started to whimper and I wanted them to stop so bad.

My eyes started to water and I bit my bottom lip to stop it from starting to tremble, but it still trembled. I shakily picked myself up and ran past everyone toward the trees holding on tight to my back pack which is still on my back.

My eyes started to blur while I ran past trees and bushes and still hadn't found the end of it. All I heard were their booming laughter, my running footsteps, and some birds. I felt my feet get caught on something hard and I fell forwards hitting the ground face flat again.

"Ughhmmf," I groaned in pain. I picked myself up sitting on my knees and burst into tears. I cried because how mean those kids are, how none of them helped me, and because I fell twice now causing stinging pain on my knees and palms.

I cried in my hands and my tears stung my palms but cleaned the dirt off. My face is probably even more dirty with clean streaked tears and dried mud, but you know what I don't care, I don't care!

I cried and cried that no one is here to comfort me. Then it hit me, I'm all alone. I ran from my class and teacher. I don't even know how to get back.

I looked up and looked around my surroundings, just a lot of tall trees blocking my view to see further away.

I whimpered wanting to see someone. Any one.

I heard a twig snap and faced the direction I heard it, but saw nothing. My heart started to pound fast not wanting to guess if it was something I didn't want to know.

My breaths quicken with each passing second hoping it would be a lost dog that I could cuddle with.

Another whimper slipped from my mouth and a tear slid down my cheeks.

"It's okay, I won't hurt you." A voice spoke breaking the silence and making me jump.

While I jumped of shock and fear I turned to the voice but fell backwards causing my head to fall on the dirt and grass. I whimpered again and blasted into tears because now my head was in horrible pain.

"Oh no, no no no no!" They said while the person rushed near me.

"I'm very sorry for startling you my dear." The person said while gently picking up my head and setting me on their lap. I still cried of the pain and I felt blood run down from my now messy hair to my forehead.

"It's okay." They cooled while putting my face on their chest while they rubbed my head.

I cried on his chest not wanting to open my wet teary eyes because blood flowed on them.

"Would you mind telling me why are you here hurt and crying?" He asked pulling away so he could see me.

"T-th-th-they p-p-pu-," I started while hiccuping but he interrupt me.

"Shhh, calm down and take deep breaths." He told me while rubbing my tears away with his thumb. I did as he said but hiccuped.

"Open your eyes for me please." I open my eyes slowly and felt they were sorta stuck with crust. I blink a few times to get it away and opened them.

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